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Stock up, stock down: Bears-Texans

Let’s break down all the good and bad from the Bears’ most dominant victory of the year.

Houston Texans v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears finally ended their losing streak with a dominant win against the Houston Texans, but at the end of the day, it was really was pretty meaningless.

Is it going to change the fates of anyone in charge of the organization? Maybe, but probably not. Did it save a season that was so far off the track? Again, probably not.

But it was fun to get back in the W column and made for a more exciting Sunday afternoon of football watching, instead of our usual frustration and anger.

This has been a hard post to write week in and week out during the losses, especially with so little good to highlight.

But this week there’s much good to look back at.

Stock up

Allen Robinson - A week after his blunder cost the Bears a shot at the endzone, Robinson once again proved he’s the Bears’ best offensive weapon. Nine catches, 123 yards and a touchdown and now he’s up to 1,027 on the year and is 14 catches away from 100 on the season. I personally don’t want these to be A-Rob’s final three games in a Bears uniform, but if they are, I’m going to enjoy them.

Mitchell Trubisky - Give the guy credit, he played well and outplayed his draft class rival. Yes, it was only one game and yes, it won’t change anything long term for either quarterback, but Mitch had to go to sleep last night pretty satisfied that for one day the critics can’t talk much. This was his cleanest game of the year.

Khalil Mack - He must be getting a little healthier finally. He looked like the Mack fans are used to seeing. His stat line for the game was one sack, one safety, one forced fumble, one pass defensed and one tackle for loss. That’s a heck of a game.

Stock down

Robert Quinn - Not only are the stats bad but now there are tweets coming out, seemingly on a weekly basis of Quinn with questionable effort on the

Riley Ridley - He didn’t get any targets but he was active alongside Javon Wims for the first time this year, which shows that he really isn’t making any kind of progress or is any closer to becoming a contributor. A very disappointing pick.

Jimmy Graham - Rookie Cole Kmet has overtaken Jimmy Graham in snaps and is now the no. 1 tight end. While that probably should be the case at this point, it’s not great for a player making Graham’s money. Now, is it really down that much in a game where he still had a touchdown? No, but it’s hard to pick players in a blowout.

Who did I miss? There were lots of stock up candidates including Mario Edwards, David Montgomery and Bilal Nichols.