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Bears Over Beers: PFF’s Brad Spielberger Joins

JB has a bye week so Brad stops by to talk Texans, Vikes, and what 2021 really holds for the Bears.

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

With JB taking a well-deserved bye week, Pro Football Focus’s Brad Spielberger joins the show to help EJ recap the victory over a depleted Texans squad and preview the upcoming game versus the division-rival Vikings.

Brad’s background of having been an intern for the Vikings and now working at PFF full-time on salary cap issues make him the perfect guest this week. After talking about what worked versus the Texans and what it will take to pin a win on the Vikings, they guys dig into the what the future holds for Chicago moving into the offseason.

What does the salary cap really look like? Should Pace and Nagy stay or go? If they leave, how attractive a destination will the Chicago job be for candidates from around the league? All these questions (and more!) get answered in this week’s podcast. Plus, as always, 2 fresh beers to discuss on top of all the football.

We want to hear from you!

  • What presents do you want to show up under the Bears tree this year?
  • What’s your verdict on the coach and the GM?
  • Would you trade Kyle Fuller?
  • Most importantly... what’s your favorite holiday beer?

Drop the answers in the comments section below!

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