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Bears devour Vikings’ dreams in second week of resurgence toward NFC dominance

The Bears continue their meteoric rise from losing-streak ashes and send the Vikings’ season on an early trip to Valhalla. 

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Mitchell “legs for days” Biscuit picking up some yrds with his ample haunches.

Like it or not, the Bears offense has been different since the bye week. It’s been effective. The sample size is 4 games and it’s not only garbage defenses. The offensive line was effectively reorganized and the play-calling has suited the personnel’s strengths and limitations rather than striving and falling short to Nagy’s ideal vision. And Mitch Trubisky has been confident, decisive, and accurate. And he stayed that way despite a soul-crushing fumble at the end of the Lions game. I think most Bears fans were ready to abandon all hope, fire everyone, and turn our attention to the draft after that Lions loss. But this season isn’t over and the Bears have been giving us plenty to be proud of in the last couple weeks. Let’s ride this out.

Ascending fan favorite, Brent Urban grabs an early sack

And I missed the celebration. Can anyone tell me if he did the cool bear paw things or the dumb air guitar thing?

Update: he got a crucial pressure on Kirk Cousins on the game-deciding 4th down stop. He opted for a decent zombie walk to celebrate.

No doubt to Nagy’s chagrin, play action seems to be working

It’s so annoying when you have a better plan than what everybody is doing and what every armchair hack shouts out from their living room that you should do but your better plan doesn’t get results and then doing the obvious does. Silver lining, this populist played-out offense might be the thing that saves his job.

Trubisky vs the throw-away continues to be one of more the riveting rivalries in the NFL

On the first drive, Trubisky found a cool new way to take a sack instead of throwing the ball away, after rolling out to his left and not seeing the pass he wanted, he chose not to throw the ball away, being already out of the tackle box, but instead ran back to the right to take a sack safely within the range where he wouldn’t be allowed to throw it away. Savvy.

Not sure who was supposed to cover Adam Thielen in the red zone

But I suspect the mix-up has something to do with the defensive back musical chairs that came from both Jaylon Johnson and Buster Skrine being out. Vildor followed a receiver out, and that looked like the wrong choice, but I can’t say that wasn’t the right thing to do with his assignment. My guess is there was a missed communication to make a top target that wide open.

Moon Bear is my new favorite screen target

Remember when Bears screen passes led to 2 yard losses? I’m sure you do because it was the reality for the past several years until the last few weeks. Darnell Mooney caught a screen with one defender on him in the backfield, which he nimbly evaded the hapless Viking and tiptoed the sideline for an 8 yard game.

Appreciate the broadcast choosing a Lizzo song

That wasn’t “new man on the Minnesota Vikings.” Great restraint from the Fox production crew.

Helloooo Robert Quinn

He ran all the way around the the backfield to circle back to Cousins for a strip sack. A lucky Viking fell on it, but it was nice to see some hussle and some results from the underperforming new Bear. I still suspect he’s had some lingering effects of his off-season ankle injury, and if that’s something that stops nagging him, hopefully we can see the player that performed well for the Cowboys and caught the Bears eye in the first place.

That delay of game penalty would have wrecked me if I was quarterback

I would have just laid down on the field like a little baby muttering “I’m not going to play if you’re going to just make up rules and blame your mistakes on me.” Biscuit has a much better attitude. Also, probably the main reason I’m not a professional athlete.

John Jenkins had a career drive in the 2nd quarter

Following up a batted past that took Justin Jefferson heroics to prevent a Danny Trevathan interception, Jenkins smothered Vikings on a crucial 4th down stuff of an impotent Dalvin Cook run attempt. That’s a good-looking Bear right there.

Duke Shelley was pulling his weight as an outside corner before getting injured

Frequently lined up against star rookie receiver Justin Jefferson, Shelley stayed close in coverage. Jefferson had 41 yards in the first half before Shelley went down, but 23 came on a big play lined up on the slot and slipping into an opening in the Bears zone. We haven’t seen a ton of Shelley since he was drafted last year, but the results since Skrine’s injury have been encouraging.

Update: Shelley came back after only one play. He didn’t perform as well post-injury, but I’m going to blame that on the boo boo.

The Bears offense scored a touchdown in the 3rd quarter

There’s now nothing they can’t do.

Vikings offense won the second-half adjustment game

Seems to be the Bears lose this particular part of football more often then I would like.

Cairo Santos’ field goal streak can now legally drink

Obviously, it will have a Miller Lite. The official beer of the Chicago Bears that had a cool bear-themed ad before the game.

Vikings did a good job of avoiding Roquan Smith today

Quan had to chase receivers down from the backfield just to get his few tackles. Poor bear.

Remember when people though David Montgomery was bad?

I remember a meme going around barely a month ago making fun of Jonathan Taylor showing the running back Frankenstein graphic but for every trait they put in David Montgomery. Twitter got its lols but the joke was on them. On both counts.

Trubisky seemed to be splitting the difference between targeting J.P. Holtz and Allen Robinson on that end zone pick

Apparently the average of the two is Cameron Dantzler. Whooopsie. To be fair, Dantzer definitely only caught that pick with the help the Christmas magic boost he gets from being named after a reindeer.

Now we cheer for a Cardinals loss.