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Bears Over Beers: Did the Bears do enough to save their season?

Jeff and EJ talk about the changes they called for weeks ago and if that matches up with actual changes on the field

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, Bears Over Beers laid out plans for how the Bears could fix some issues with the team and salvage their season before it evaporated into thin air. While the Bears took a little longer than one would hope, some of the changes they did make look good enough to make a late run at a playoff berth.

The guys take a look back at the advice they offered up weeks ago to see if the Bears listened to help explain this reversal of fortunes. Highlights include:

  • Moving Cody Whitehair to Guard and Rashaad Coward to the bench
  • Increasing the snaps of Cole Kmet while getting Jimmy Graham off the field
  • Making play action and pre-snap motion a featured part of the offense

Plus, a preview on how to beat a 1-13 Jaguars club. Spoiler: their fans would like the Bears to win this week as they’re lined up to take Trevor Lawrence.

All that and more over some tasty beverages on this week’s show.

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