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Chicago Bears toy with incompetent Jaguars in definitive win to keep playoff hopes alive

The Bears looked like a legitimate 7th-seed and the Jaguars strengthened their case for being deserving of the first overall pick in an unsurprisingly one-sided battle between the greatest beasts on earth and a handful of bottom-tier big cats.

This head to head matchup finally settles the question of whether the Bears made the right choice in 2017.

For those of us who want to believe the Bears can line their ducks in a row for an unexpected playoff win or two, this was pretty much how we wanted to see this game go. The Bears had a couple hiccups in the first half, but ultimately demonstrated superiority at every level and built up a scoreboard that safely qualifies as blowout territory. Sure, they let the Jags take advantage of Jaylon Johnson’s injury for two great touchdowns, and they gave us some pause on the hope that Trubisky’s improved accuracy and decision-making would hold up through the season. But the Bears were able to handily overcome mistakes and smother their food-chain inferiors on the field and the score board.

Box Score

Bears defense off to a rough start

Against Mike Glennon and a backup to a UDFA running back. The plucky Jags moved the ball all the way down the field with limited resistance on their first drive. I may have woke up 10 minutes before the game started, but I expected more from the players. Wake up, boo boos!

Jaguars defense: Hold my Purina

After watching the Bears first offensive drive, I felt guilty for thinking the Bears defense looked bad.

Tricksy Bisky keeps getting neutral zone infractions

It’s definite a pattern now. Nobody expects him to pull a fake count with his innocent face and overall “bust” reputation. Keep punishing the doubters, Biscuit!

When you have 1st and goal at the 1 with a hot running back against a weak defense...

And you call an end around to a medium-fast tight end with a reasonable risk of losing yards for your first play... I feel it’s my responsibility as a fan blog author to complain about that play call. Even if it had worked. As we all know, it didn’t, they lost yards, and the Bears ended up with a field goal.

The cat eyes in over the Jaguars end zone look pretty cool

We need to get more threatening Bear images in soldier field.

Gotta admit it, that Glennon to Chark pass was a thing of beauty

Makes you wonder what could have been with MG8. Just a little? No? Fine.

Moon Bear slowly climbing up the favorite Bear rankings

If Darnell Mooney has a great playoff run, he may take the sting of losing Allen Robinson in the off season a little. He’s obviously not ready to replace A-Rob as WR1, but it’s nice to have a young drafted guy we can imagine as a Bear for life only at the beginning of an illustrious career. That Bear is an underrated YAC-master.

Biscuit coming back to earth again today

We’re seeing more of those once-expected off target throws with suboptimal mechanics. This really kills the argument for Trubisky haters saying he only plays well against bad defenses. Jags are a bad defense and he’s starting to play poorly. Obviously, the defense isn’t the important factor you want to think it is!

Roquan Smith interception, fumble, possible injury is a tragically Bears moment

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I think I’d rather lose this game then go into the playoffs without Roquan Smith. He’s been one of the brightest sources of optimism this Bears season, and I’m not only talking about his frequent motivational tweets. He’s a first round pick at the most iconic Bears position who played well but not up to expectations in his first two seasons now finally looking like the snubbed-pro bowler we all hoped for on draft day. If we want to pretend this is a special Bears team entering a surprising playoff run, he needs to be at the center of the defense for me to believe it. I’m writing this at halftime, let’s hope it seems irrelevant by the time you read it.

Update: Roquan Smith was back in the second half and didn’t show any obvious signs of being hampered by injury. It’s important that the scare made me realize how important Mr. Smith is in my life.

Bilal Nichols on his way to being a ball hawking defensive lineman

He almost followed up his famous week 13 interception with another today. Either way he rises to to passes defensed on the year. Not bad for 5th round defensive end forced to play more nose tackle then he ever expected.

I don’t know if you can call this an Allen Robinson revenge game

It was more of a “the best revenge is living well” type of game. I can’t imagine Robinson is mad the Jaguars let him go. Forcing him to catch passes from Blake Bortles for his rookie contract on the other hand... Anyone remember the “keep that [stuff] in bounds, bro” video?

Roquan Smith had two receptions from Mike Glennon today

The Jaguars leading receiver had four. It was three when I first wrote this and more amusing.

Is Tashaun Gipson injured?

Get well soon, Bear!

So it comes down to the Bears against the Green Bay Packers to get into the playoffs. Would you have it any other way?