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Holmes: In or Out- Theo Epstein as Bears President?

Laurence Holmes joins the Bears Banter Podcast and discusses if the Bears should start a new regime.

Chicago Cubs Introduce David Ross - News Conference Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has arrived!

Have the Chicago Bears hit rock bottom? Let’s hope so after the throttling the Green Bay Packers laid on Chicago on Sunday night in front of a national audience.

Laurence Holmes from The Score hops on the podcast this week and we take a deep dive into the failures of the Chicago Bears.

  • Were the offseason acquisitions flawed thinking?
  • Can you separate Matt Nagy the head coach from Matt Nagy’s offense?
  • Why did Rashaad Coward play as long as he did?
  • Is the only option a full regime change including Ted Phillips?
  • Do you trust George McCaskey to make the next hire?

There were plenty more topics discussed in a jam-packed podcast, but as we discussed the regime change, Laurence dropped this line, “Theo Epstein for Bears President, what would you say?” Laurence doesn’t want Theo signing free agents or sitting in the war room, but he wants him sitting at the top.

It might be a wild idea, it’s probably one that won’t happen, but there have been executives that have crossed over sports before and had success. The Bears desperately need organizational structure and that’s something Epstein knows and could provide for the franchise. What do you say, Bears fans? Should the McCaskeys pursue Theo?

Check out the great podcast below!