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Best Bets: Bears-Lions spread, total, survivor picks

Two very bad teams meet: which side in the one you want to put money on?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It’s now December and teams are really aware of where they are headed.

Unfortunately for our Chicago Bears, it is in the wrong direction. Sure, they’re going to be squarely on TV in the “in the hunt” column for one or two more weeks, depending on their fortunes and those of their opponents, but even if they flip the script, they aren’t making any noise in the playoffs. This team has no run lurking below the surface for them.

As for their opponent, the Lions are already on to their GM and coach search and another top-10 pick. The Lions never seem like they can get out of their own way but they’re also standing in the way of the Bears from becoming an equal laughing stock.

Before we get to the game, let’s look back at last week. Sam nailed the spread and the Packers, while JB almost did because he kind of told you not to do as he said, which was taking the Bears. both wildly missed on the under as the defense decided to take a night off.

In the survivor pool, not much to report as no one took a strike last week if they made a pick so we roll on with 16 entrants.

In the pick ‘ems pool, Sam continues his downward spiral after starting so strong. He managed a six-point week but is down in fourth with Get Mitch or Die Trying with 91 points. They’re looking up at Little G (97 points) and Assy McGee (95 points). The weekly high-scorer was Tutespicks with nine points.

Jeff is down in sixth with 86 points and Lester is in ninth with 84.

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears (-3, O/U 45)

Sunday, noon CT, FOX

Sam: As much as we like to clown on the Lions and their fans, both these franchises have proven again and again to be trash.

But, at least as of late, the Bears have gotten the better of the Lions, so now we’re allowed to gloat at least. Sure, they have the ever-elusive quarterback stability, but that’s all they have and now, with Stafford in his mid-30s, it appears they may not even have that for much longer.

Let’s look at Sunday though. The Bears need to end their losing streak, the Lions are looking for any juice and may have the ex-coach bump after finally shedding themselves of Matt Patricia.

That said though, the Lions are very banged up and while the Bears are too, I just think the Bears have enough there to get the job done and take care of Detroit. The defense will hopefully be looking to bounce back after that horrific performance on Sunday Night Football.

With that said though, I think you have to take the points with the Lions, they like to play the Bears close and I think when you look at how the game will go it makes more sense that the two teams will be close than that the Bears will handily take care of them.

Hammer the under though, without D’Andre Swift and Kenny Golladay, I can’t think the Lions will move the ball very well, but clearly we all know the Bears can’t either.

In the survivor league, I thought about just taking the Raiders and saving the Chiefs, but the more I think about it; the cross-country travel for Las Vegas, injuries to Josh Jacobs and a couple key defenders, I’m steering clear. I’ll take the Chiefs and live to see a week where I have pick two teams (yikes).

Picks: Lions +3, under 45, Chiefs (survivor)

Jeff: The Lions fired Matt Patricia just in time to avoid his arch-nemesis, Mitchell Trubisky. Will the Lions mix up their defensive play calling and make it harder for Mitchell Trubisky to burn them down again? It seems pretty obvious to me that they will, so don’t count on MT10 to run up the score again on his favorite opponent. The Bears defense was flatout embarrassed last week against the Packers to the point that Matt Nagy called them out after the game. Bold move for the offensive-minded Nagy to call out the defense, but not without merit as they were embarrassed. Do they bounce back? The Lions aren’t exactly the healthiest team right now with Kenny Golladay potentially missing yet another game. I think this one is going to be much closer than any of us want to believe but what I really don’t like is the Matt Patricia addition by subtraction move the Lions made this week. I hate to say it, but I’m taking Detroit +3. I don’t feel strongly about any game flow prediction, but the most likely scenario that I’m seeing in my head is a lot of punting and field goals. Give me the under.

As for Survivor League pick, this is out last week picking only one team with the final four weeks doubling us up. I was going to take the Raiders against the Jets, which I still think is a smart move, but they’re flying across country to play a noon game against a desperate, winless Jets team. I don’t think the Jets can do it but I’m going to weave here just in case. I’m taking the Chiefs. They’re at home against Denver and while I hate taking divisional games if I can avoid it, the Chiefs schedule gets a little harder down the stretch and I don’t want to finish the year with them unused in my back pocket.

Picks: Lions +3, Under 45, Chiefs (Survivor)

What are your plays this weekend?

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