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Bears find a way to pull out a loss late and keep their losing streak rolling

The Bears looked like the better team for at least 50 of the 60 minutes in this game, but they gave up the right plays at the right times to keep their downward spiral alive.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears
Trubisky led the Bears to several touchdown drives and seemed pleased about this.

Did the Bears almost drag me back in? I know I’m setting myself up for heartbreak, but it was just to fun to watch an offense do things. Squiting, I could pretend the Lions had a real defense and the Bears were about to make a statement win as the offensive powerhouse we always new Nagy and Trubisky were just waiting for the right moment to unleash. I wanted so badly to just close my eyes and savor the moment, but I had to open them back up to watch a fumble on the 10 yard line to hand the Lions a touchdown and lose the game. Whoopsy.

Box score.

Special Teams and one AR12 catch might be all we need to win this game

The Bears scored 3 on the first drive after just one first down. And now that the defense has figured out how to make open field tackles, I don’t see how they’re going to lose it at this point. I guess I’ll keep watching anyway so I have more things to write. Update: it turns out the Bears would need a few more points to win.

This is going to be the Patterson vs Agnew game, isn’t it?

Have the Lions been using Agnew on offense before today? I, quite understandably, haven’t been paying much attention to the Lions. Agnew was a defensive back in college and has been a great returner since he came in the league, but clearly the Lions got jealous of the success the Bears were having running Patterson for one foot on 4th and 1 decided to steal the strategy.

Maybe Matt Patricia really was a defensive genius

That Lions D does not look good without him.

Hicks gets burned trying to make a play

On a Peterson 10ish yard run, Hicks shimmied to the outside around the guard-center combo block to get into the backfield immediately, unfortunately Peterson was leaving the backfield immediately down the middle. Obviously I forgive him. So happy to have this Bear back.

Just a reminder to please refer to our budding rookie receiver as Moon Bear

It’s a natural and perfect nickname. Do your part to make sure it sticks. Thanks.

Trubisky being back could be good for Javon Wims

The two have always had chemistry. I recall a certain end zone possession last year where Biscuit threw incomplete passes to Wims three times in a row. It’s possible one was an interception. Either way it was a classic Bears offense moment and it’s nice to see the two of them connecting again.

Khalil Mack’s first sack in four games...

Was negated by a difficult-to-justify Buster Skrine penalty. It always comes across as petty to complain about officiating though, so I’m going to blame Skrine and recommend cutting him to save that 5M in cap space next year. Sorry, boo boo.

Trubisky throws the ball away

It’s a little out of character when he’s already established his trademark of running out of bounds instead, but it’s an improvement in terms of outcome so I’ll approve of the shift. Update: on 3rd and 4 on the 4th quarter, Trubisky dropped back, opted against a throw, covered the ball and curled up for an incoming sack. That’s my biscuit! Classic.

When did Mo Sanu and Marvin Jones decide to get the old band back together?

I missed the Lions bringing this classic big cat duo back together to reminisce on their Bengals days. Nice to see their reunion. For the record, apparently Mohammed Sanu had been on the Lions practice squad this season until getting promoted last week.

The Lions are a good team for children to root for

From their juvenile Honolulu blue, to the cartoon kitty on their helmets, to their pop warner defense, it’s clear the Lions are trying to draw in young fans. Food for thought? Is it more immoral for Joe Camel to draw children in to a lifetime of smoking and the accompanying heart disease and lung cancer, or for an innocent cartoon Lion to lure an innocent child into being a Detroit fan for life? If someone were to crunch the numbers on average quality-adjusted life years of harm, it’s probably come out close.

Why can’t we play the Lions defense every week?

I know this gets asked at least twice a year, but it’s been a rough year. Let us just pretend we have an elite offense. I don’t care that we’ll get our dreams crushed when our season ends the first time we meet a real defense in the playoffs.

The offensive line self-scouting over the bye seems to have been fruitful

It was hard to take anything positive out of last week’s apocalypse, but the changes to the offensive line, with Germain Ifedi at tackle, Cody Whitehair at guard, and Sam Mustipher at center has continued to look like a good swap, and certainly showed in the run game today. It’s fair to blame the Bears ground success at least in part on the Lions abysmal defense, but the Bears ground game even compared to their last Lions’ matchup.

Lions sloppy defense is making Biscuit look like a hard count savant

The silly kitties had three neutral zone infracts by the end of the third. They almost even allowed the Bears to break their third quarter scoreless curse, but the Bears perhaps wisely decided not to test their fate and slow-rolled their drive to make sure it ended in the 4th.

Trubisky carving up some zone today

Trubisky’s famous for taming the Lions defense, but in the Patricia era, many of us assued that had a lot to do with Trubisky’s better play against man than zone, the latter having a tendency to flummox the try-hard oft-maligned signal caller. Well, today the Lions ran more than a heavy helping of zone, and Biscuit carved it up like a between-holiday brunch-time turkey.

Even with Akiem Hicks back, the defense underwhelms for a second week

It’s not fair to compare this performance to last week. But giving up over 30+ points to a Golladay-less Lions team is not exactly elite territory.

Cole Kmet getting some production

5 catches for 35 yards and a touchdown isn’t mind blowing, but it’s an encouraging sign that this rookie is continuing to secure a role in what has been a historically difficult year for rookie tight ends. Now with 2 touchdowns on the year, he’s only one behind Miami’s Adam “touch-down machine” Shaheen.

David Montgomery playing like a Bear possessed

David Montgomery is a good Bear, and I don’t care to hear any nay-sayers on this. He breaks tackles in the proper way for a Bear: with sheer will, lower body strength, and probably a grizzly-style muscular back hump hiding under his shoulder pads.

Goodbye playoff dreams. Hello Trey Lance and/or Zach Wilson dreams?