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NFL Power Rankings: Let’s see what the experts have to say about the Bears this week!

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the week isn’t quite over with the Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens set to play tonight, Tuesday’s are traditionally power ranking day for NFL publications and most are sticking to that schedule.

We’ll take a peek around what some of the experts are saying about the Chicago Bears this week because apparently, I’m a glutton for bad news. The Ravens are 6-5, so a loss won’t drop them below the 5-7 Bears, but a fourth win by Dallas could push them above the Bears.

Here’s how Yahoo Sports has it.

21. Chicago Bears (5-7, LW: 20)

Everything about the Bears losing Sunday was a failure. Mitchell Trubisky has to know to get rid of the ball before he got strip-sacked, and Matt Nagy has to be clear about that or call a play that gives Trubisky no choice. The Bears were actually 5-1 at one point this season. Crazy.

ESPN dropped the Bears 2 spots to 21 while picking a person with the most at stake the next few weeks.

Person with most at stake: Head coach Matt Nagy

Nagy — named NFL Coach of Year just two short seasons ago — is fighting for his job with four games left to play. The Bears, losers of six straight, have plummeted out of the NFC playoff picture after beginning the year 5-1. Chicago’s offense performed better in last Sunday’s heartbreaking loss to the Lions, but overall, it has again proved to be a major disappointment. Nagy’s inability to develop Mitchell Trubisky into a franchise quarterback — coupled with the mediocre play of veteran Nick Foles (Nagy’s preferred QB) — puts the 42-year-old coach squarely on the hot seat, along with general manager Ryan Pace. — Jeff Dickerson

Here’s how the Sporting News has it.

22. Chicago Bears 5-7 (19)

The Bears put in a much better effort with offense, despite one key mistake, but their defense disappearing of late has really cost them.

The Lines has the Bears at 25th overall.

Once the worst 5-1 team in recent history, the Bears are now 5-7 and sitting outside the playoff picture following a late collapse to Detroit that was sealed by Mitch Trubisky’s untimely fumble.

Athlon Sports has it like this.

26. Chicago Bears
Last week: 24

Never good for one’s job status blowing a double-digit fourth-quarter lead to an interim coaching staff but alas, here is where Matt Nagy is at.

USA Today’s For the Win has the Bears at 26.

This is what happens when you decide you’re good to go with Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles. You’re good to go to the top of the draft.

Any lies detected up there, Bears fans?