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Stock up, stock down: Bears-Lions

The Bears are officially in a tailspin and it looks like it’s going continue until the end of the season.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s just a long slog from now until Black Monday.

At least, it sure feels like that’s what this is.

Of all of the ways you expect the Chicago Bears to lose, especially this Bears team, this was not the way I would have imagined. The once-vaunted defense giving up 34 points, giving up a 400-yard passer and letting the Detroit Lions march down the field with under five minutes left.

Mitch Trubisky’s sack-fumble was something that fans could have expected though.

But 30 points from the offense?

This game hurt in ways that the other losses on this horrible losing streak haven’t.

Stock up

David Montgomery - There are some out there that have been down on Montgomery and I think there still are some haters out there that don’t think Montgomery will have value to a new staff. I am not one of those people. While I’m not sold that he’s going to be worthy of a second contract or being a bell cow of the offense, I think he’s a great all-around back that adds value as a receiver and can make good things happen when he has blocking. He’s had blocking the last two games and he’s made the most of it. Against the Lions he had 111 scrimmage yards and two touchdowns.

Cole Kmet - We can argue about if he was the best pick at 43rd another time. We can argue about if he was even worth taking at that point, but for now let’s just hope for the best for the Bears’ top pick. And in that last department, he might be coming on. His snaps have jumped up to nearly 80 percent the last two games and since getting shut out of production against Tennessee, he has 13 targets and seven catches. Not world-beating, but at least promising.

Sam Mustipher - I don’t know if he’s a long-term find on the OL, but I like what I’ve seen. He may be at least a decent back up going forward. If nothing else, he’s at least a true center on the roster, which we haven’t seen in a long time it feels like.

Stock down

Buster Skrine - Skrine has not been good this year. That continued on Sunday, too. I’ve pretty much seen all of him that I care to at nickel.

Matt Nagy - Can it go lower? Maybe this is a cop out, because I know people just want to complain about him in the comments, but they will do that regardless of if he’s on the down list or not. As much as I wanted to be encouraged by what I saw Sunday, it ultimately was more of the same. Any good vibes I was feeling at halftime were erased as he once again went away from the run in the second half and then the sequence that saw the Bears passing late in the game with a lead ultimately leading to the fumble that sealed the team’s fate and then the awful 4th and 1 run.

Allen Robinson - I didn’t want to put him here because he had a decent game, but a player shouldn’t be subtweeting and playing the whole Twitter game and going at fans and then going out on Sunday and not knowing where the first down marker is. On one hand I thought perhaps he thought that the DB was still behind him and that’s why he spun the direction he did, but even still, that first down should have been easy to pick up.