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What fans and media missed in Ryan Pace’s words about Mitchell Trubisky

The overreactions to Ryan Pace’s words are out of control

NFL: Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The latest episode of the Bears Banter Podcast has dropped. In what was an unscheduled podcast, Bill Zimmerman had to get to the microphone after the reactions he saw from the media and on Twitter to Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy’s comments about Mitchell Trubisky.

Zimmerman thinks the idea that the Bears just fully committed to Trubisky as their starting quarterback is insane. This isn’t just about what Pace and Nagy said, but it’s also about what they didn’t say.

Zimmerman says the fact that two months later, Pace is still kicking the can down the road about picking up Trubisky’s fifth year option is telling, and he also thinks there is nothing to Pace calling Trubisky the Bears’ starting quarterback when he’s literally the only quarterback currently on the roster.

It is a really feisty, fired up podcast! He’s had enough of these bad takes! Take a listen to the episode below.