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Which Bears free agent should they let leave?

In part-4 of our NFL Free Agency round table we look at the one Bears player we think they should let walk.

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Yesterday’s WCG round table topic was all about the Chicago Bears free agent that we want to see them re-sign, so today’s is about the one we want to see them let leave.

Whether it’s money, scheme fit, age, or something else, the Bears will no doubt elect to allow a few of their guys to walk away, and here are the players we think that should be.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. - Aaron Lynch, OLB - Lynch was a decent back up in 2018 on a one year deal, but there wasn’t a market for his services last offseason. The Bears brought him back for even less money to play in 2019 and then saw his productivity drop as a edge rusher while playing some defensive line. I’m ready for the Bears to land a legit developmental edge rusher or an honest to goodness #3OLB and let Lynch walk away.

Sam Householder - Danny Trevathan, ILB - Trevathan has been great as a Bear, no doubt. He was productive and a good leader, but he’s about to turn 30 and he has a history of missing games. He’d be cheaper than Kwiatkoski, but no matter which one they re-sign, they need to bringing some younger depth through the draft.

Robert Schmitz - Nick Kwiatkoski, ILB - Kwiatkoski did a great job stepping in for the injured Danny Trevathan, but he may have done too good a job for the Bears’ to afford re-signing him— with reports coming in that the rest of the league has taken interest in the young linebacker, I think that if his asking price exceeds $5 million per year Chicago would be better off letting him take his talents somewhere else. I’m not certain he’s solved his issues in over-the-middle coverage, and I’d rather let another team find out.

Bill Zimmerman - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S - Look, Clinton-Dix had a very good season and was well worth the price that Ryan Pace paid him. It’s nothing against him, it’s more about finding a better pairing to go with Eddie Jackson. That, combined with the idea that Clinton-Dix is due for a raise after a solid season, the Bears should look elsewhere at a position where there are usually plenty of veteran safeties available.

Robert Zeglinski - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S - I’m aware the Bears haven’t had a great history at safety aside from Eddie Jackson. I’m aware letting another gap be created on an otherwise sound defense could be shortsighted. And I like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. But I’m of the belief his next contract will be too pricey to retain for someone on the lower tiers of importance. Finding a mid-round safety to plug into Jackson shouldn’t be that difficult, but I suppose Ryan Pace has to prove it.

Ken Mitchell - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S - I like Clinton-Dix, but we need an in the box safety not two guys at free safety.

Patti Curl - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S - It takes more than a year for Chicago’s winds to blow the cheese-mold stench off a former Packer and I’m not sure he’s worth the wait.

Erik Duerrwaechter - Really, none. In a perfect world I’d bring every one of the free agents back, as the depth charts are better with continuity.

But with that said, the one free agent I feel they must move on from is Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. He played some great football in year one under Chuck Pagano, great enough to warrant his own massive payday. Given the Bears’ long-term commitment to Eddie Jackson it will be tough to keep both center-fielders in Chicago at a reasonable rate. Also, they need a more physical presence that will allow E-Jax to play more freely in coverage, in order to maximize the value of their latest re-signing. Clinton-Dix has earned himself the chance at one last major contract in the NFL.

Who do you want to see the Bears let walk away?

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