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Bears Over Beers: 2020 Defensive Free Agency Preview

Jeff and EJ are back to take a swing at some of the realistic options on defense the Bears might target now that free agency is underway

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The annual supermarket rush is on in the NFL. Teams flush with cash (and even some that aren’t) are hitting the virtual aisles and shopping for veterans to fills some holes on their. Some of them feel like they might one big signing away from post-season success while other are just trying to climb their way out of the cellar or even just sell a few more tickets for the upcoming season.

The Bears do not have a treasure chest of gold for this year’s free agency but they do have needs, and will fill at least a few of them with NFL vets. In the last episode we highlighted options that might play well in Chicago on offense. For this go-round we are pivoting to the defensive side of the ball. The Bears almost certainly need a starting outside cornerback and a strong safety but could use help and/or reserves at inside linebacker, EDGE, and possibly even along the defensive line.

We tackles options at all those positions and some scenarios that might happen depending on how the Bears play their cards. The frenzy has already begun so listen up and get prepped for all the wild action that is unfolding now!

NOTE: We recorded this the evening before free agency kicked off - things will change rapidly throughout the next few days - so listen fast!

React to any of the options we lay out in the podcast or any other rumors you are seeing on the interwebs... or that you’d like to start (in hopes that they might actually happen)! Drop your favorites in the comments section below.