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It’s official, the Bears have the worst starting quarterbacks of the Super Bowl era

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After the kick in the nuts yesterday of the Chicago Bears sending a fourth-round draft pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for journeyman quarterback Nick Foles, I logged into Twitter hoping to find a bit of a pick me up about our favorite team.

Maybe news of a new free agent right guard or starting safety. Perhaps some juicy rumors that would get me excited for the day

But then I saw the following Tweet from NFL Network’s James Palmer;

I suppose I’m not really surprised at the last, last, last, last, last, but seeing it spelled out brought back memories of Rick Mirer, Cade McCown, Chad Hutchinson, Mike Glennon, and Dave Craig. But then I went to Pro Football Reference to jog my recollection of Kordell Stewart, Bob Avellini, Jack Concannon, Vince Evans, and Steve Walsh.

Even the quarterbacks that had “good” years for the Bears weren’t all that good when stacked up against the rest of the league. Jay Cutler had some moments through the years, Mitchell Trubisky had parts of 2018, Erik Kramer had 1995, Jim Miller had a few good games, Jim McMahon had his moments, but when you calculate all the numbers from all the Chicago starting quarterbacks from 1966 to now, our team’s stats royally suck.

Here’s to the Nick Foles era...