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WCG Member Mock Draft contest!

You like mock drafts? You think you are good at them? Then join in our contest to find out if you are the best mock GM around!

NFL Draft Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

On April 5th, we held a mock draft where you Windy City Gridiron members all got to vote on each pick we made for the Chicago Bears. We used the mock draft simulator at Pro Football Network, since they allow trades, and we ended up with 10 selections in the mock.

For the record, I thought you guys did a fine job on the picks!

We had so much fun mocking that day that I wanted to bring another exercise to our WCG members, but we’re going to frame it a bit different this time out. We want you guys to each make your own mock draft at Pro Football Network then share it below in the comment section and then your fellow WCG members will vote on who did it best.

But there are some rules...

  • You can ONLY mock as the Bears. So no selecting every team to ensure you get an unrealistic haul for Chicago.
  • Trading up or down is permitted, but be sure to document each move you make.
  • There will be two rounds of voting.

1st round) Rec your favorites down in the comment section.

2nd round) The top 5 recommended mocks (I’ll break any ties) will get an actual poll treatment tomorrow in a separate article here at WCG.

Why do two rounds you may ask... That’s because some overzealous members will go rec-crazy at the first things they see which could skew the results to some mocks that aren’t up as quick.

  • Each comment must have the same format (so it’s easy for me to copy and paste), and if you don’t follow the format you may be disqualified.

And here’s the format to use.

(Your username in the comment Subject line)

Then in the body of the comment list your draft like this: Pick. Name, position, college

48. Isaiah Wilson, OT, Georgia

57. Laviska Shenault Jr., WR, Colorado

158. Damien Lewis, G, LSU

163. Anthony Gordon, QB, Washington State

171. Lavert Hill, CB, Michigan

196. Geno Stone, S, Iowa

200. Stephen Sullivan, TE, LSU

226. Jon Runyan Jr., G, Michigan

233. Carter Coughlin, OLB, Minnesota

240. Lamar Jackson, CB, Nebraska

Then list the trade details after your picks...

Traded the 43rd overall pick to the Jets for the 48th and the 158th pick.

Traded the 50th overall pick to the Texans for pick 57, pick 171 and pick 240.

For those wondering about the above mock draft, that was what you guys voted on!

Click here and mock your best seven-rounder for the Bears!

This comment section will close when I decide to make the article featuring our 6 finalists.