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WCG Draft Livestream feat. Bears over Beers!

The crossover everybody wants, as Jeff and EJ take their podcasting act to the WCG Livestream arena for a live discussion of the draft!

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With not a whole lot of live sports happening and the NFL Draft quickly approaching, and coupled with WCG having some of the best draft minds in the blogosphere, it seems like a long-overdue no-brainer to put it all together.

Presenting a special draft edition of the WCG Livestream, where I (@SJS_illini) am joined by the Bears over Beers duo of EJ Snyder (@thedraftsmanfb) and Jeff Berckes (@gridironborn) to preview the upcoming NFL draft.

Today’s agenda includes:

  • Live simulated mock draft
  • Discussion of the Bears’ needs and draft possibilities
  • Prospect talk
  • And lots and lots of Q&A!

This stream is hosted here as well as on my Twitch channel, and will be archived here afterward, so you won’t miss a thing. Throw your questions in the comments here, in the Twitch chat, or at our Twitter handles, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

We’ll be live at 6:30 PM CT; see you then!

Edit: Here’s the full 96 minutes of mock draft goodness!