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NFL Draft 2020: Day 2 Live-stream and open thread

This will be your go to place to talk day 2 of the NFL Draft plus listen to EJ Snyder and Brett Kollmann talk football!!!

My biggest takeaway after one round of the NFL Draft is that it must be a fun time hanging out at the Vrabel house.

My next takeaway is that there was a lot of talent left on the board, which happens every year, so the Chicago Bears should be in prime position to get two game-changers with their two selections in round two. Even if they finagle a trade back with one of those picks, there should still be enough talent to snag two guys that can make an immediate impact this season.

The Draft will get started at 6:00 p.m. Central time tonight, so enjoy the festivities!

We’ll have immediate write-ups on each player the Bears draft, we’ll have a grades article up ASAP, a Twitter reactions post on each pick, plus a video/GIF breakdown for every player, plus we’ll be sharing the scouting reports from their college SB Nation sites (when applicable) so keep it locked right here at Windy City Gridiron all night.

While you’re here hanging out tonight, crank up some EJ Snyder and Brett Kollmann doing a live-stream from their Football Bootleg YouTube channel.

Keep in mind this open thread is rated WCG-MA.

Here are the current Bears selections.

Friday, April 24

2nd Round, Pick 11, 43rd overall (From the Raiders)

2nd Round, Pick 18, 50th overall

Saturday, April 25

5th Round, Pick 18, 163rd overall

6th Round, Pick 17, 196th overall

6th Round, Pick 21, 200th overall (From the Eagles)

7th Round, Pick 12, 226 overall (From the Raiders)

7th Round, Pick 19, 233rd overall

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