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Chicago Bears 2020 Draft Grades: Lachavious Simmons, OL, Tennessee State

Our Lead Draft Analyst Jacob Infante is coming off the bench to help us with some grades on the Bears’ 7th-round picks, but we still want your traditional letter grade for the Bears pick of Lachavious Simmons.

TSU Tigers

Grades are a necessary part of covering the NFL Draft. The people demand them, because the people love debating them.

But we’re doing something a little different with our grades this year. Reason being, neither I nor our Senior Draft Analyst EJ Snyder thinks that giving a player an arbitrary letter grade before he’s stepped onto the field is a fair way to gauge a prospects potential.

Grades are still a wildly popular way to look at draft prospects, so we’ll still be asking you guys to give us your grade for each pick. So with that being said how do you grade the Chicago Bears choice of Lachavious Simmons, OL, Tennessee State?


How would you grade the Bears taking Lachavious Simmons, OL, Tennessee State in the 7th-round?

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But as for our “official” WCG grade for each selection the Chicago Bears make in the 2020 NFL Draft, EJ wanted to have a more detailed way to measure the potential he sees in each prospect, so his methodology is as follows.

He’ll be giving out points in these three categories on a 1-10 scale.

  1. Player Skills: How much pure talent/skill/production do they have?
  2. Scheme Fit/Potential: What might they do based on where they landed?
  3. Draft Value: Were they a value draft-wise where they were picked? Could the team have waited and done OK?

EJ scouted a ton of prospects this year, but Simmons wasn’t one of them, so luckily our Lead Draft Analyst Jacob Infante has stepped in to share his grades for this pick!

Jacob’s Grade for Lachavious Simmons

Player Skills = 7: Simmons is a nasty blocker who brings plenty of power to the table. His upper-body strength is fantastic, as he has great grip strength and can physically overwhelm defenders in the run game. His athleticism is just okay, and his pad level prevents him from garnering maximum power in his lower body, but he brings a real brute to the Bears’ offensive line.

Scheme Fit/Potential = 7: Simmons’ pedestrian agility in space could occasionally provide some issues in the Bears’ zone scheme, but as mentioned earlier, he brings a powerful presence to their interior offensive line, which they didn’t have much of in 2019. His experience at both tackle and guard spots in college should give him some impressive versatility, though.

Draft Value = 7: The Bears made an intelligent decision to stack up on projects on their offensive line with their last two picks, and Simmons should give them a depth piece who plays with a chip on his shoulder and can play almost anywhere on the offensive line.

For more on the Bears two seventh round offensive linemen, check out Robert Schmitz’s Bear With Me Podcast where he’s joined by our Lead Draft Analyst Jacob Infante.