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Jersey Confidential: What’s your biggest jersey regret?

Do you have a jersey purchase that you ultimately regretted? Share your woes with fellow Bears fans.

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Welcome back to Jersey Week on Windy City Gridiron. We started the week with some tips on how to pick out your next Bears jersey. Today we are going to focus on the jersey choice that went wrong in a little segment called Jersey Confidential.

Those of us that have purchased jerseys over the years have made one mistake or another. Maybe we bought the jersey of a player who fled in Free Agency the following year. My mom, number one Bears fan, still talks about the Greg Olsen jersey she was robbed of wearing for years because of that Mike Martz guy. Alternatively, maybe you made the mistake of buying a jersey from an unreliable source:

Buyer beware...

Whatever the case may be, today is the day to share in a safe space your biggest regret when it comes to a jersey purchase and how that has impacted future decisions.

My story results from the great 2006 Super Bowl team. After that magical run, I wanted to buy a jersey of someone on that team. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good Peanut Tillman jersey and instead settled for my favorite deep threat Wide Receiver, Bernard Berrian.

B-Twice had a good 2006 and he made a lot of splashy plays in big moments. Simply put, he appeared to be a draft pick ascending to great heights. I bought the #80 jersey thinking this would be my game day attire for the next half decade or more.

Little did I know that Berrian would leave for Minnesota after that next season, leaving me with a one-year usage out of that jersey choice. Oof.

In hindsight, I should have simply bought the star player, Brian Urlacher, or gone the custom route to create an Olin Kreutz or Tillman jersey.

I’d love to say I learned my lesson, but I made a similar mistake with an Alshon Jeffery jersey after his breakout 2013 season. The good news is that I got 3 years out of that jersey and I can change the nameplate to say Miller. Or, maybe I should just avoid Bears WRs altogether…

What’s your jersey regret story? What lessons have you learned (or not) from your past mistakes so others can learn from them?