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Build-a-Bear: Build your Ideal Jersey Combination

Here’s your chance to lay out your perfect uniform combination or share that new concept that will take Chicago by storm.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Have you ever tried to order a pizza to share with a group of people? Have you ever been able to agree on the toppings out of the gate without a little compromise on someone’s part? Ordering a pizza is kind of like picking out uniform sets - no one is going to agree on it and a lot of people have some pretty strong opinions.

Today you get your chance to stay traditional or throw it all away and start from scratch as you get to build your ideal uniform set.

Here are the “rules” but feel free to break them as some of you would have done without my permission anyway. You need to select a home, away, throwback, and alternate jersey combination. I have provided three options of each to help you build your perfect set. However, there’s a fourth option in each set meant to allow you the flexibility of picking something I haven’t shown or, even better, sharing a design or concept you’d like to see.

Here are your options for the Home “base” jersey:

Your first option (H-1) is the traditional navy jersey with white pants that has been the standard in Chicago for as long as most people have been alive. You have the option of adopting the old 1940s throwbacks as your permanent home jersey (H-2) or switching out the white pants for an all navy look (H-3). Got a better idea? Describe it or post a picture - a navy base is required here (H-4).

Here are your options for the Away “base” jersey:

Your first option (A-1) is the current standard white jersey top with navy pants. You’re allowed to make the 1936 throwbacks the permanent away option (A-2) or switch out the navy pants for white (A-3). You’re free to throw another option our way but it needs to be a white uniform base (A-4).

Here are your options for the Alternate jersey:

Obviously these options are a not-so-subtle push for you to pick an orange jersey option but the Bears have been wearing orange jerseys lately as their alternate. You can choose to forgo this alternate option or come up with something different (A-4). If you’re sticking with orange, you can choose from these three options. The first (A-1) is the current orange jersey redesigned recently by Nike. The second option (A-2) is an image concept I found on Chicago Audible by Jordan Grimes that features bold blue numbers. Finally, the throwbacks that were worn on Thanksgiving in 2004 against the Cowboys (A-3) are an interesting option if we allow for the possibility of Nike redesigning them first.

Here are your options for the Throwback jersey:

The Bears have 100 years of history and some pretty cool throwback options. Obviously, if you decided to use the ‘36 (T-1) or ‘42 (T-2) throwbacks as your new standard white or navy options, you shouldn’t pick that here. Otherwise, they’re fair game. One of the least popular throwback options is listed as T-3 but again, let’s let Nike take a redesign cut and assume white pants as the new standard. Do you have another throwback that you like more than these options? You’re free to choose that option (T-4) but it has to be an actual throwback that was worn by the Bears at some point.

My Ideal Uniform Set:

H-1, A-2, O-1, T-2

As much as I like the all-navy look and love the ‘42 throwbacks, I can’t get away from the standard navy jersey and white pants as the best looking uniform in the NFL. I dig the ‘36 throwbacks so much that I would be thrilled if they made that the new standard away jersey, helmet stripes and all. Bring me your rage.

As for the orange alternatives, I really like Jordan’s concept and would be interested in seeing a Nike redesign but the current iteration is really clean. I’m on board. The throwbacks are an easy choice as the ‘42 look with the bold orange numbers is a personal favorite and calls back to the most successful decade in Bears history.

Your turn. What’s your ideal uniform set?