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What is the 2020 Bears rookie class GPA?

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Wake Forest v Tulane Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

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We wanted to give one final look at the grades for the Chicago Bears 2020 draft class, but before we check in on Football Outsiders’ 2020 NFL Draft Report Card Report, here’s how our FanPulse voted for the Bears grade this year.

This is in line with what the WCG readers gave the Bears overall class grade when 51% of you gave it a B, with a 32% leaning towards a C.

But we’re talking a cumulative grade point average, and the folks at Football Outsiders have been compiling the draft grades from several experts since 2004, and this year the Bears have checked in with a 26th ranked, 2.28 GPA.

Chicago’s highest mark came from Pro Football Focus and’s Chad Reuter with a B+, and their low mark was from Mike Tagliere of Fantasy Pros with a D+.

For those wondering, the worst draft class belongs to the Green Bay Packers with a GPA of 1.22.

For those into math, FO gets a little deeper with a standard deviation, but I’ll let someone else explore that and explain it in our comment section.




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