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There’s no way in Hell the Bears can beat...

The WCG Staff is making a few super early predictions about the Chicago Bears 2020 schedule and today we’re giving our sure fire winner!

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears

In this latest WCG round table we’ve made our 2020 Chicago Bears record predictions, and given our picks for favorite game and least favorite game on their schedule, and we’ve also shared our “take it to the bank” lock for a win, but to wrap up the series some of us are picking the game that the Bears have no chance to win. While the others have their own idea with how to respond to this prompt.

There’s no way in Hell the Bears can beat...

“Week 2 vs Giants at Soldier Field. The Bears inevitably beat themselves early and cement the underrated and disrespected identity that will ultimately motivate them into the playoffs.” ~ Patti Curl

“The only thing the Chicago can’t beat is Miami’s weather in January. Other than that? Book it!” ~ Ken Mitchell

“Everybody on this schedule is beatable. This is the most favorable schedule in years for the Bears, and I expect to see them back in the playoffs.” ~ Eric Christopher Duerrwaechter

“Who came up with this question?” ~ Bill Zimmerman

“The Saints, remember last year? I can’t see this team, even with their defense, hanging with one of the NFL’s best teams yet.” ~ Sam Householder

“The Saints. They had very few glaring weaknesses in 2019, and they managed to get even better this offseason. I view them as the favorites to win the NFC this year, so it wouldn’t be surprising if their matchup with the Bears mirrored the bludgeoning that came when the two teams squared off last year.” ~ Jacob Infante

“The Saints are going to drive the Bears up a wall, over and over. That’s the clear best team in the NFC. Maybe the home team can get a few garbage time touchdowns again. You know, to boost their self-esteem.” ~ Robert Zeglinski

“The Saints. When I look at the Bears’ schedule, I see 14/15 games that the Bears “definitely could win” and the Saints game, which we’ll lose. I’d love to eat crow, but the Saints always bring a defense that’s good enough to stop our offense and an offense with all the tools to tear up our D. They’re our kryptonite, per se.” ~ Robert Schmitz

“The quick strike, precision offense of the Saints could negate the Bears pass rush, and when you consider the Bears will be on a short week after playing in Los Angeles on Monday night, that makes the Saints game their toughest one.” ~ Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.

“The Titans. This defense is built to hang with any pass-heavy team. The pass rush and the secondary can keep us in most matchups, but Derrick Henry and his 4.18 yards after contact will keep the Bears offense snoozing on the sideline.” ~ Jack Salo

“We don’t understand the question.” ~ Superfans

Now it’s your turn, which game on the Bears 2020 schedule looks like a no win situation?