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What is your “What if” moment in Bears history?

SB Nation’s theme week asks “what if,” and we want you guys to chime in about the Bears.

Chicago’s Gale Sayers After Being Injured During a Game Against the 49ers

This weeks theme for SB Nation is all about the “what ifs” in sports and we’ve already shared a What If about the 2017 NFL Draft here at Windy City Gridiron. But we also wanted to throw the general topic of discussion out to you guys to see what you’d come up with.

What is your “What if” moment in Bears history?

I can think of several fun “what ifs” to dig into as a Chicago Bears fan. Some are franchise altering scenarios, while others are just interesting tidbits in Bears’ lore.

  • What if George Halas never bailed out the Green Bay Packers?
  • What if the Bears won the coin flip for Terry Bradshaw?
  • What if Walter Payton scored a Super Bowl touchdown?
  • What if Charles Martin never body slammed Jim McMahon?
  • What if Jay Cutler never threw that interception against the Chargers?
  • What if Mike Brown has stayed healthy?
  • What if the Bears would have beat the Dolphins on Monday Night Football in 1985?
  • What if the Bears would have jumped on the week 17 fumble against the Packers?
  • What if the Bears would have hired Bruce Arians?
  • What if Jim Miller wasn’t injured in the playoff game?
  • What if Lovie Smith kept feeding Thomas Jones in Super Bowl?
  • What if Gale Sayers never injured his knee?

Give us some of your What If moments for the Bears in the comment section.