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A tale of two “experts” prognosticating the Bears 2020 record

We check in on two sides of the national spectrum when it comes to picking Bears games in 2020.

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Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

We’ve already digested several Chicago Bears’ 2020 record predictions since the schedule was announced last week. We shared the one from our SB Nation Reacts voters and also the ones made by the WCG staff in a recent round table. That one also included a poll asking you guys to weigh in with your best guess on Chicago’s record.

As passionate Bears’ fans, we’re often prone to extreme takes on both sides of the won/loss spectrum. Some of us can’t help but to view the team through navy and orange colored glasses at all times, while others are so jaded from the lack of recent success that they go negative every chance they get.

Finding a level headed prediction from a fan isn’t always going to happen, so we often turn to the national media to see how they view our team. We usually immediately regret that decision as out of town stupidity runs rampant for much of the trollish mainstream media (looking at you Even Silva and Matt Miller).

Nate Davis of the USA Today has riled up Bears’ fans before with his ridiculous record predictions, and he’s at it again by picking Chicago to end up 3-13 this season.

The schedule is brutal, and the offensive weaponry supporting the unsettled quarterback position isn’t a whole lot better. Barring another transcendent effort like the defense produced in 2018, more likely this franchise ends up cleaning house than returning to postseason.

The Bears won 8 games last year with an ineffective offense and a banged up defense, so I have to ask, where has this team has gotten worse since week 17?

They didn’t have the splashiest offseason, but they made a few calculated moves to improve their overall roster. Sure there’s a lot riding on Nick Foles and/or Mitchell Trubisky being better than 2019 Mitch, but I like the odds of the offense improving better than I like the odds of them being worse.

On the flip side of the prediction spectrum, SiriusXM and FOX Sports’ Nick Wright thinks the Bears will go 12-4 and be the top seed in the NFC.

He talks about their defense bouncing back from last year in the turnover department and in the health department by getting Akiem Hicks and Danny Trevathan back, and he thinks the offense will be better too. “I think the Bears with just league average quarterback play in Nick Foles are gonna be really, really good.”

The truth probably lies somewhere between second worst team in the NFL and the number one seed in the NFC, but I’m think they Bears are closer to the latter than the former.