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Which Bears projected starter are you most concerned with in 2020?

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After asking the WCG staff to pick the Chicago Bears player they were most excited to see play in 2020, we had to get their thoughts on the flip side to that as well.

Which Bears projected starter are you most concerned with in 2020?

Even though we don’t have an official depth chart to work with, we all have a fairly good idea on the 22 players that will make up the starting lineups on offense and defense for Matt Nagy’s bunch.

After checking out the player we’re most concerned with, be sure to let us know your pick in the comment section.

“Germain Ifedi. For the offense to work, we need to see improvements at that right guard position (well, all along the line really) but Ifedi is the biggest question mark right now. Were the penalties due to Russell Wilson holding the ball forever? I guess we will find out.” ~ Ken Mitchell

“As of right now I’d say Germain Ifedi. He hasn’t played guard since his rookie season, and it doesn’t help matters that the offseason has been reduced significantly in terms of workouts available. I think he’ll be okay at right guard, but we need better than “okay” if this O-Line is going to improve.” ~ Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter

“I’m hoping the inconsistency that we saw from James Daniels last season was as simple as him not being comfortable after shuffling positions, but if it’s more that the Bears will have a big problem at left guard. The unknown about Ifedi at right guard is a concern as well.” ~ Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.

“Right guard remains my biggest concern heading into the upcoming season. As of right now, I would assume that starter projects to be Germain Ifedi. Yes, Ifedi is a former first round pick. Yes, he was likely played out of position at tackle his last three years in the league, but even so, the key to improvement on offense comes from the interior of this offensive line. This is already a big year for James Daniels but now you’re adding a second question mark to the interior with no true set starter. Not only does a large portion of the run game count on the interior part of this line but both Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky struggle most with pressure from the interior as well. In order to truly see improvements on the offensive side of the ball, the interior line must be better than it has been the past two years.” ~ Aaron Leming

“Bobby Massie. As I looked through Leno’s tape a few months ago, I was consistently shocked at how often Massie was a problem in both running and passing snaps. Considering he’ll be 31 at the start of the season, I worry his decline has already begun and will only get worse from here. If that’s the case, the Bears are effectively without a backup plan (unless you’re confident in newcomer Jason Spriggs, which I’m not).” ~ Robert Schmitz

“Anthony Miller. He didn’t take the step forward that we expected him to last year, and if Allen Robinson is still the only threat at wide receiver then it won’t matter who’s starting at quarterback.” ~ Jack Salo

“Jimmy Graham. He’s old, he’s been injured, I just worry the Bears have too much relying on an older player whose best days are clearly behind him. The U tight end is so important for the Matt Nagy offense to work and if Graham plays like most everyone expects him to, then the offense will be no better off than it was last year.” ~ Sam Householder

“I’m not buying into the comfort of the Andy Reid-Matt Nagy system affording Nick Foles some sort of Renaissance. He’s a career journeyman backup quarterback for a good reason. Elevating his stature because he happened to be the starter for professional football’s best roster in 2017 is shortsighted to me. He’s an incompetent quarterback capable of the occasional stellar outing or streak, like many others of his ilk. On what I would otherwise consider an above average roster, the man under center is The Weak Link.” ~ Robert Zeglinski

“The Bears have a talented roster that, for the most part, is built for playoff contention. One position that serves an exception is, unfortunately enough, the most important position in football. It’s obvious that Mitchell Trubisky is not the Bears’ franchise quarterback, as his poor play through three seasons indicates that his stay with the team may not last past this coming season. Nick Foles will likely provide an upgrade at the position, but even he is a fairly uninspiring choice. Sure, he knows the system well and has shown that he can be capable of leading a playoff-caliber team in the past, but he has also played poorly for roughly half of his career. Will the Bears get the Philadelphia version of Foles, or will they get the St. Louis, Kansas City or Jacksonville version of Foles? If the latter proves true, I have a hard time seeing Chicago making it into the postseason.” ~ Jacob Infante

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

“First, let me apologize for missing question one, but does anyone really need to hear that I’m most excited to see Staley Da Bear in 2020?

The Bears starter that keeps me up at night most has to be the two-headed quarterbeast Mick Folbisky. The worst possible outcome for my long-term fan experience is getting near-capable play from both quarterbacks that is not good enough to put the Bears in the playoffs but not bad enough to put them within reach of one of the top three quarterbacks in the draft. Naturally, this would include Trubisky failing to improve his ability to read defenses and make the right post-snap decisions and Foles getting injured at least once.

Unfortunately, I also think this is the most likely outcome.” ~ Patti Curl

Now it’s your turn...

Which Bears projected starter are you most concerned with in 2020?