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Have the Chicago Bears ever made you cry?

This week’s SB Nation Theme topic is “Sports Moments That Made You Cry,” so we’re asking Bears fans to share their emotional moments with us.

Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears - December 20, 1987 Photo by Damian Strohmeyer/Getty Images

We’ve all cried because of sports.

Either as active participants or as fans, there’s no shame in letting your emotions out when it comes to something we have so much passion for.

Whether it was after a little league loss, a hard fought wrestling match, or a retirement speech from a favorite player, we’ve all been moved to tears because of sports.

The Chicago Bears have provided us with several emotional moments in the franchise’s history. There have been huge victories, heartbreaking losses, legends walking away, and players taken from us too soon.

The great Walter Payton has been at the forefront of many heart-tugging moments for me. From his final game, his Hall Of Fame speech, the revelation of his illness, his memorial service, and of course no one will ever forget the Walter Payton Game.

“I think Walter Payton actually picked me up a little bit and boosted me up in the air because I can’t jump that high,” Bryan Robinson said after blocking the kick in a game just six days after Payton lost his battle with liver disease. “Walter had a lot to do with it. I know he did.”

Bears’ fans, whether through joy, sadness or anger, have you ever been moved to tears from our favorite team or the players?