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Where do the Bears rank in positional spending?

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Earlier today Chicago Bears Twitter was abuzz talking about positional spending throughout the league and it was sparked by former Bears great Olin Kreutz. He was pointing out the disparity of spending that went into Chicago’s offensive line when compared to the defensive side of the ball, so I wanted to share where the Bears stand at all positions for the 2020 season.

All numbers taken from Over the Cap.


Overall the Bears’ offense ranks 17th, with the Colts, Raiders and Cowboys rounding up the top three. The Ravens are spending the least amount on that side of the ball. When looking at each specific position on offense here are where the Bears rank along with the number 1 and number 32 ranked team.

Bears QB: 17th
1st Colts, 32nd Jaguars

Bears OL: 26th
1st Raiders, 32nd Ravens

Bears TE: 1st
2nd Buccaneers, 32nd Dolphins

Bears WR: 11th
1st Chiefs, 32nd Steelers

Bears RB: 30th
1st Rams, 32nd Steelers


The Bears have invested heavily in their defense and they currently rank 6th overall. The Broncos, Ravens, Bills, Chiefs and Steelers make up the five teams ahead of Chicago. The Giants are spending the least amount on D for the 2020 season. Now for the Bears position specific rankings and as an FYI, Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn are grouped in with the linebackers.

Bears DL: 21st
1st Bills, 32nd Cardinals

Bears LB: 2nd
1st Broncos, 32nd Bengals

Bears CB: 10th
1st Dolphins, 32nd Panthers

Bears S: 27th
1st Broncos, 32nd Cardinals

The Bears have restructured some contracts to push money into the future, and as of today their overall ranks defensively are 1st in 2021, 3rd in 2022, and 1st in 2023.