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Ted Ginn Jr brings the honesty to WCG!

Ted Ginn Jr. joins Bears Banter

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

In a can’t miss podcast, Ted Ginn Jr. speaks with the Bears Banter Podcast for an outstanding interview! The newest member of the Chicago Bears chatted with WCG on a number of topics and gave great, honest answers. If you are sick of hearing cliches from athletes, that’s not a problem with Ginn!

Some of the topics that Ginn addressed:

  • Why Chicago?
  • How will he be utilized on offense and on special teams?
  • How fast is his 40 time right now?
  • How can he help young speedsters like Darnell Mooney?
  • Have the Bears ever tried to sign him before?
  • How important has his dad and the Ginn Academy been in his life?
  • How has quarantine treated him?
  • How much did quarantine impact his free agency?
  • How hard does he think quarantine impacted rookies trying to get drafted?
  • How hard is it to learn a new offense during quarantine?

It really is a great interview and worth your time. Check it out below!