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The Bears record in 2020 will be...

The WCG Staff makes their way too early predictions for the Bears 2020 record.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The NFL schedule has been out for two whole days now, so it’s long overdue for us to dive in and give our seriously early record predictions for the Chicago Bears 2020 season.

I shot out a few schedule related topics of discussion to our WCG staff and I’ll share their responses in the next few days, but we’ll start off with our record prediction.

The Bears record in 2020 will be...

“15-1. Because the Bears need to leave the perfect season accomplishment for future joy.” ~ Patti Curl

“7-9. They may have a good defense, but the offensive line remains a sieve, and the quarterback does not meet the definition of reliable. The Bears improved in some areas, sure. But, by rule, many other teams did as well.” ~ Robert Zeglinski

“9-7. This prediction comes with the prediction that Foles will be the starter for the Bears. I’m not sold on this offense yet, but the personnel looks slightly better on that side of the ball, and their defense arguably looks even stronger in the starting lineup than it did last year. Combine that with the fact that very few of the teams on their schedule actually improved all that much, and I could see the Bears topping their 8-8 record, though not by much.” ~ Jacob Infante

“11-5. Their schedule is a bit daunting towards the middle of the season, but it’s also a bit forgiving considering how late their bye week is. They also have a good chance to start the year off strong then coast the rest of the way. Having just six games left following their bye is easily the biggest perk about this schedule.” ~ Eric Christopher Duerrwaechter

“16-0. I mean, what team could they possibly lose to?” ~ Bill Zimmerman

“10-6. Much like 2018, this Bears’ defense has all the tools it needs to dominate and will just need a lead to do so. I think that Foles, while somewhat unimpressive (though you’d be surprised), should be good enough to squeeze out those 7-10 early points in more games than not next season, and that’d set the Bears’ table well.” ~ Robert Schmitz

“9-7. I think they’re still a middle of the pack team with a mid-level schedule. If injuries go their way they can win nine and that’s if their opponents are exactly as good or bad as I expect, but in the NFL it’s never that easy.” ~ Sam Householder

“23-0 - We will win all the pre-season games, sweep the regular season, the playoffs and win the ‘ship. The only Bears fans who will be disappointed this year are the four who attend the Pro Bowl, because all 14 of the Bears Pro-Bowlers will be busy getting ready for the ‘ship.” ~ Ken Mitchell

“9-7. I see some early wins, and then a really tough stretch leading them into the (thankfully late) bye at .500 or so. After the bye, all the games should be competitive.” ~ Jack Salo

EDITOR: For those of you that don’t know Jack Salo, he’s Ken’s back up for the Den. So if you haven’t said hi to him over there, be sure to give him a WCG welcome now!

“9-7. I’d really like to go with more than nine wins, but until I get a chance to see how the quarterback spot shapes up I simply can’t trust them to get more.” ~ Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.

“16-0. Ken used to be our clear cut favorite member of this rag-tag group of Bear fans, with Patti coming in a close second, but now that Bill has seen the Navy and Orange colored light, he’s climbed into the top three for sure. We’ll just need to double check his hot dog condiment preference, his favorite pizza, and his choice of Italian Beef spots in our great city.” ~ Superfans


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