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Acho: What wouldn’t you do to see the whole system change?

Sam Acho discusses what we can do to be better as a country and work towards eradicating systemic racism.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

When the country watched George Floyd laying motionless on the pavement in Minneapolis, drawing his last breath, many in the nation united together and shouted for all to hear that there must be change.

Not just a change in police brutality, but to look at the entire system and work towards equality and eradicating systemic racism.

As the protests continued in the streets, the conversation about sports took a backseat, the country had more important issues to address. In the latest episode of the Bears Banter Podcast, we attempt to do the same.

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Sam Acho joined the podcast to talk about his reaction to George Floyd’s murder, the issues the NFL faces and the failure of the Rooney Rule, how to address systemic racism and implicit bias in the country, ignorance vs hate, and where we can start to create meaningful change.

Acho makes several great points throughout the podcast and is well-worth hearing. He focuses on wanting to have the tough conversations, educating ourselves, and really listening to each other. You can listen to the conversation below.