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Which non-QB NFC North player would you add to the Bears?

If given the opportunity, which non-quarterback divisional rival would you bring to the Windy City?

Green Bay Packers v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Hypotheticals are always an entertaining exercise, simply because they can allow us to come up with idealistic, utopian scenarios.

They are particularly fun—or depressing, depending on how you look at it—when going through hypothetical situations for the Bears. While their front office has added some extremely talented players over the past few years, there have certainly been some mishaps along the way.

To help spark some conversation during this down period of the offseason, I asked you all which player on divisional rivals’ rosters you would steal onto Chicago’s roster if given the opportunity. I added one criterion, though: the player cannot be a quarterback, because let’s face it: that would be everybody’s option if given the chance.

I went with Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari, as I feel he would be an elite presence on a Bears offensive line that is rather pedestrian at this stage. However, there are numerous talented players in the NFC North, as made evident by our recent staff NFC North top 50 list.

Which non-quarterback NFC North player would you add to the Bears if you had the choice? Let us know in the comments below.