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You still feel the same about Mitch?

Now that we’ve finally heard from the “other” Chicago Bears quarterback this offseason, have your feelings about him changed at all?

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Now that we’ve learned about Mitchell Trubisky organizing several workouts with his teammates this offseason and heard from those teammates talking how productive those workouts were, and now that we’ve finally heard from the man himself yesterday at his Zoom press conference, have your thoughts on Trubisky changed at all?

I thought yesterday’s presser was a different Trubisky that we saw during the 2019 season. He was confident, he was about as composed and honest as I’ve seen him, but until he gets on the field there’s no way to know how much he’s grown since the final whistle blew in Minnesota back on December 29.

The Chicago Bears quarterback competition is off to a rough start with OTAs and mini-camps already cancelled, but both Trubisky and Nick Foles have been lauded by head coach Matt Nagy for their preparation these last couple months.

Will the work with his teammates give Trubisky an edge once they all report to Halas Hall?

My take on him remains unchanged. I would love to see him take the next step and become the clear-cut, no-doubt-about-it franchise quarterback that he was drafted to be, but I still see Foles ultimately taking the starting QB spot.

There’s been some chatter that camps could open up earlier than usual in July this year, but the NFL is also contemplating cutting the preseason down to only two games. With the ongoing pandemic still leaving several questions for the NFL to answer, there still hasn’t been a confirmation that the 2020 season will even start on time.

Have you changed your mind about Trubisky from a couple months ago?