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Windy City Gridiron - Pride of Detroit Madden Tournament

A special Madden NFL 20 tournament between contributors at Windy City Gridiron and Pride of Detroit has begun!

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

For fans of the Madden game series, this is a time to rejoice. Not long after the showcase of the Playstation 5 hardware, the trailer for the newest Madden game was released, leaving us itching to see some football on a television set. As if we couldn’t be missing football more.

A few of us at Windy City Gridiron thought we could stage a little contest, and invited our Lions-loving friends over at Pride of Detroit to join in. We have six participants in a winner-take-all-bragging-rights tournament, with online head-to-head matches determining the winners of rounds. Here are the participants:

Jack R Salo / Twitter Windy City Gridiron

Patti Curl / Twitter Windy City Gridiron

Robert Schmitz / Twitter Windy City Gridiron

Steven Schweickert / Twitter Windy City Gridiron

Gerald Mallory Pride of Detroit

Ryan Mathews Pride of Detroit

As cross-platform play is not a current option, we settled on Playstation 4 for a console and 8 minute quarter length. With 6 entries, we borrowed format from MLB playoffs and will have two first round byes, determined by today’s “play in games” for seeding. The seeding was entirely dependent on the number of points scored in your play-in games. Here are the results of today’s play-in games:

Jack R Salo (Panthers) 19 def. Patti Curl (Bears) 18

Jerry Mallory 9 def. Ryan Mathews 6

Robert Schmitz (Eagles) 41 def. Steven Schweickert (Saints) 13

Here is the bracket after the play-in games:

The schedule moving forward is:

Saturday 6/20/20 Round 1 Results, and some recordings, will be available.

Sunday 6/21/20 Round 2 (semifinals) Results, and some recordings, will be available.

Tuesday 6/22/20 Round 3 (finals) Results, and some recordings, will be available.

We will be recording certain matchups on Twitch, so the WCG and PoD community can expect links to view our games in the coming days (Steven vs. Robert is available on Steven’s Twitch Channel right now). Leave us a comment with your thoughts on Madden 21, PS5, or the WCG-PoD Madden Tournament.

As always, be well, and stay tuned!