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The Bear’s Den, June 27, 2020

Nearly this time last year I was hanging out with Papa Bear’s giant bobblehead and Bears team president George Halas. No really, I did!

Denmaster Ken & Papa Bear’s giant bobblehead at Bears training camp 2019 at Bourbonnais.


Welcome to 90’s Pop & Rock Week here in the Den, as we feature some of the greatest acts of the 1990’s... and some of the most annoying 90’s acts as well. This week, expect a two-for, first the “good” and then the “not so good”...

The Good

OK, all right, this song was actually released in 1982, but who cares? It’s Saturday, and it’s ABOUT 1999... so suck it up, buttercup!

The Downright Bad



Chicago Bears: Catching up on wide receivers - Chicago Tribune - Riley Ridley didn’t see much time on the field in his rookie year, but Chicago Bears wide receivers coach Mike Furrey says that could change if Ridley makes the strides Furrey expects.

Column: Tom Brady, Malcolm Jenkins and the NFL’s challenge - Chicago Tribune - The NFL’s golden boy, Tom Brady, is showing no fear of the coronavirus and openly defying guidance from medical experts in the NFLPA by continuing to host workouts with teammates in Florida. Isn’t Brady’s defiance exactly what will complicate a safe return to football?

Countdown to Camp 2020: Chicago Bears Linebacker Preview - Chicago Audible Podcast - A comprehensive and in-depth preview of the Chicago Bears inside and outside linebackers with 2020 season predictions.

Former Chicago Bears head coach John Fox put mansion up for sale - NBC Sports Chicago - The house has six bedrooms and spans nearly 15,000 sq.ft.

Season of Change Possible for Bears on Special Teams - - This promises to be a tumultuous year for Bears coverage units on special teams, and only part of it has to do with COVID-19.

Tyler Bray an Insurance Policy Bears Haven’t Used - - Bears general manager Ryan Pace had to explain after the draft why he went another year without drafting a quarterback, someone to learn under Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles.

Would Bears Consider Moving to New Stadium at Arlington? - - Every few years someone revives talk of the Bears moving to Arlington Heights or to Rosemont or to Gary, Ind.

In Case You Were Curious, Ryan Pace, There’s a Top-10 QB on the Free Agent Market - Bleacher Nation - The list of top-40 starting QB options sure is something.


Discussions regarding 2020 roster ongoing between NFL, NFLPA - ProFootballTalk - The NFL’s challenge as it relates to the pandemic includes two major components. First, the league must keep the spread of the virus to a minimum. Second, the league must be prepared to backfill roster spots if/when players test positive and are quarantined.

Ten NFL players who most deserve new deals: Mahomes leads the list, Allen Robinson there as well - - Cynthia Frelund uses analytics to rank 10 players seeking new deals according to who should be signed most urgently by their teams. Where do Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes and George Kittle sit?

UPDATED: Jay Cutler shares hunt for ‘chicken serial killer’ at Tennessee farm on Instagram - Chicago Sun-Times - In a series of Instagram posts, Jay Cutler is giving fans an inside look at his hunt for a "chicken serial killer."


Green Bay: Nobody cares. Do they even have weekends in Green Bay? I mean, why would you, what’s the point? I guess they could go to Door County, which is a great place to spend a summer day... the question is, however, if you went to Door County from Green Bay, why in God’s name would you ever go back home?

Detroit: Nobody cares. Not even those people waiting to be seated at the best restaurant not only in Detroit, but in the entire state of Michigan... in case you were curious, the top restaurant in Michigan is the Taco Bell at 4105 E 8 Mile Rd in the Detroit suburb of Warren.

Minnesota: Nobody cares. Weekends roll over the Purpleheads like the cold waters flow over Minnehaha Falls in Minnehaha Park down by the airport.


What should the NFL do if some states allow fans and others don’t? - Windy City Gridiron - The staff at WCG has been talking about some COVID-19 related topics in regards to the NFL, so we wanted to share some of what we think with you guys in this next series of round table questions.

Salo: Windy City Gridiron vs Pride of Detroit Madden Tournament Round 1 Results - Windy City Gridiron - Round 1 is complete, and we have our matchups for Round 2!


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