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Chicago Bears Bingo!

Share your Bears Bingo card!

Here’s two things I didn’t know before the day started.

  1. I had to take our dogs to the groomer for baths and manicures.
  2. It’s National Bingo Day!

So with a couple of hours to kill while waiting for the dogs to be ready, I jumped on Twitter to see if there was anything of note happening with the Chicago Bears. And to my surprise the team’s account was all over National Bingo Day with a fresh Bears Bingo card!

I glanced it over and figured, I’m a big Bears fans, I easily got this!

But then I filled it out and now I’m questioning my Bears’ fandom...

Sure I got a diagonal Bingo, but technically speaking the Bears Poster I own is more like a decorative plaque that has some Bears related stuff on it. And if I’m being honest, it’s been sitting in my closet for years. I did have several Bears posters hanging up in my room when I was in my youth (literally all the cool 80’s ones), but with no “man cave” there’s no where to hang any Bears stuff these days.

If there were Bingo spaces for things like... have a Bears keychain, or own a Bears hat, or played as the Bears in a video game season, or had some Bears Zubaz, or owned the Super Bowl Shuffle cassingle, or threw away a Packer jersey that was bough for a family member, or picked my jersey number because of a favorite Bear, or have Bears themed lock-screen on my iphone, then I would have kicked that Bingo cards ass.

I’m sure some of you fans have a card with no empty spaces, so share what you got in the comment section!