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What are your favorite teams in other sports?

St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images

Let’s get to know the Windy City Gridiron community a little better by finding out what other sports teams you guys root for. Down in the comment section let us know who you root for when you aren’t cheering for the Chicago Bears.

Here’s what we had to say when the following question was posed to us; What are your favorite teams in other sports? MLB, NBA, NHL, Soccer, WNBA, NASCAR, NCAA, etc.

I’ll go first...

When I was younger I was wall to wall sports, but now that I’m older with a family I don’t have time for much more than the Chicago Bears and the NFL. I’ll catch a few games in other sports when my favorite teams are on, and if they are ‘playoff good’ my viewing increases, but here’s where my allegiances lie. NBA: Chicago Bulls, MLB: Detroit Tigers (with the Cubs my second favorite), NHL: Chicago Blackhawks, and that’s really about it. I’m not a big college fan, although I will watch what ever games are on if I have time, and if forced to pick a fav I’ll take the local Northwestern Wildcats. The only other “sport” that I consistently watch is professional wrestling. My fandom goes back to the AWA when my Dad and I would go to live events at Rockford Boylan High School and it continues to this day.

Now on to what some of our other WCG teammates had to say...

Patti Curl:

For MLB, I have to go with the Cubs since there’s no better option.

NBA: obviously the Grizzlies.

NHL: Bruins.

Soccer: I think is just the term the rest of the world uses for Football so that’s still the Bears.

WNBA: Lynx because in the most sexist situation I’ve ever heard of, the WNBA does not get a team with a bear mascot despite the mother bear being deeply iconic in the gestalt of the American psyche.

I’m not sure what the other letters in this list are referring to, but I’m sure the Bears could win at those sports too.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter:

I already know I’m going to draw a lot of controversy with some of my answers...

MLB: New York Yankees. I literally grew up watching the Core Four in my childhood win multiple championships and set the standard of excellence for baseball during their era. Plus, George Halas was a member of the Yankees during his seldom-known baseball career. I also watch the Chicago Cubs and did shed a tear when they won the World Series in 2016.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs. I was born in San Antonio, TX, and essentially grew up watching the same core of players from childhood to adulthood. Tim Duncan is in the conversation as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks. ‘Nuff said.

Soccer: I don’t really pay much attention to non-American football. If I had to pick a team, in any league, it would be Bayern Munich of the Bundesliga.

NCAA: Florida Gators. And, no, I’m not a fan who believes Tim Tebow would have been a successful QB in the NFL. I’m realistic.

“In the NCAA it’s the Baylor Bears, it’s the Texas Rangers in MLB, in the NHL my team is the Dallas Stars, and in F1 it’s Red Bull Racing.” ~ Robert Schmitz

Aaron Leming:

Despite being 6’8” and have played basketball until high school, I’m surprisingly not a big basketball person. I will also say that NASCAR, Soccer and Golf are not my things. With that being said, here’s mine.

MLB- White Sox

NHL- Ducks

NCAA- Oklahoma

Random, I know but that’s how I’ve grown up and the reasons may not be as shocking as you’d think.

“In the NBA, MLB, and NHL it’s the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, and Chicago Blackhawks, and in the NCAA I’m all about the Missouri Tigers.” ~ Jacob Infante

Robert Zeglinski:

NHL: Blackhawks
Soccer: Bayern Munich and the Polish National Team

I hesitate to note anyone else (or even the Blackhawks if we’re being frank), as I’ve become more “fair-weather” the older I’ve grown. I don’t see the value in sacrificing precious time by following outright bad teams like the Bulls night in and night out. What’s to be gained from that kind of boring, monotonous masochism? Anyone who tells you otherwise can’t think of anything better to do with a few hours. Yes, the Poles disappoint me more often than not (Oh goodness, do they), but they play too infrequently for me to summon my mental scars.

“Chicago Cubs, Ball State University, Mizzou, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Texas Longhorns, Chicago Blackhawks, I don’t watch much NBA but to the extent I do I pull for the Bulls and the Milwaukee Bucks (weird I know). Also I’m a huge Formula 1 fan but I won’t get into all that, just tweet me if you wanna talk F1.” ~ Sam Householder

Ken Mitchell:

MLB: I couldn’t tell you who won the World Series last year if you put a gun to my head. Don’t care in the slightest about MLB.

NBA: See entry for MLB.

NHL: Since I live in Missouri, I at least know who won the Stanley Cup last year. I will say that although I don’t root for any NHL teams, I am a fan of an AHL team and go to their games regularly. The Iowa Wild in Des Moines. Love that atmosphere. Not a fan of the parent team, Minnesota because... well... Minnesota.

Soccer: Is that still a thing?

WNBA: Was that ever a thing?

NASCAR: Not a sport, just dudes driving in a circle. I do love drag racing though, even though that isn’t a sport either. My favorite drag racer? Cleetus McFarland :)

“If you put Chicago on your jersey, I’ll root for you. That said, I cheer for the Cubs in the crosstown classic.“ ~ Jack Salo

Now we want to know what other teams you guys all root for!