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Watch Allen Robinson break down his own game film

Chicago Bears wide out Allen Robinson was a guest on Alex Rollins’ YouTube channel to break down some of his own game film. It’s an incredible peek inside the mind of an NFL wide receiver.

Alex Rollins, our buddy that writes over at SB Nation’s Niners Nation, also has a fantastic YouTube channel that breaks down game film, and in his latest episode he’s joined by Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson.

Alex’s Xs&Os look into the NFL is always a must watch, but when he’s able to get a player to join him on his show and break down film, that takes it to another level.

Robinson give incredible insight to what goes through a player’s mind both during a game and as he prepares himself for the game.

He talks about what he’s thinking both pre and post snap, he dissects his own precise route running and how that helps him set up defensive backs. He also talks about how specific defensive looks could alter what he and his quarterback will do as they scan over the D, and how they set defenses up with various concepts earlier in the game.

There’s stuff in the video for both the casual and the hardcore fan, so check it out right now.