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Chicago Bears History by the Decade: Sweetness 70s

Episode six of our limited podcast series Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History by the Decade features the GOAT

Chicago Bears Photo by: Diamond Images/Getty Images

Welcome back to our podcast series on Chicago Bears history!

Jeff Berckes is joined by lifelong Bears fan and historian Matt Winter as they talk about the worst decade in Bears history by record - the 1970s. But don’t be fooled! The 1970s are full of interesting characters and of course, the greatest to ever lace ‘em up, Walter Payton.

We kick things off in the 1970s with a cocktail recipe of the day and recap the string of coaches and losing seasons. After a US History and pop culture recap, we’ll meet key contributors like Wally Chambers, Jim Osborne, Doug Buffone, Gary Fencik, and or course, Walter Payton (check out Jeff’s Championship Belt Series Part 3!).

Finally, the guys will give answers to a number of fun categories. Who from the 1970s would you most want on the upcoming 2020 roster? Who from the modern Bears would have helped this team win more games...or at least helped Walter Payton rack up more yards? Who was their favorite player to learn about for the decade?

Learn how the 70s started to build toward the great teams of the 80s and how those initial dominoes started to get put into place. All that and more on this week’s Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History by the Decade.

Do you have a question or a fun category you’d like to know the answer? Jeff and Matt are planning on recording a recap show at the end of the series to answer the best history-related questions we receive. Ask yours in the comments or find Jeff on Twitter @gridironborn.