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What to do with Adam Shaheen?

We’re running through a few 2020 Chicago Bears Training Camp preview round table questions with some of our staffers and today we ask their thoughts on Adam Shaheen.

Chicago Bears tight end Adam Shaheen (87) caught a two point conversion in the forth quarter over Minnesota Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes (29) at Soldier Field Sunday November 18, 2018 in Chicago IL.] The Chicago Bears hosted the Minnesota Vikings at S

In his three years with the Chicago Bears Adam Shaheen has missed 21 games with various injuries. He has amassed a grand total of 26 receptions in 27 career games, while averaging a whopping 9.2 total yards per game. He has scored four touchdowns and two 2-point conversions.

That’s it.

Nothing about his time in Chicago has been memorable. There hasn’t been a crushing block from the 6’6”, 257 pounder, a nice grab down the seam, an acrobatic reception in traffic, or a truck-stick style run over any defenders.

If I think really, really hard I can vaguely remember that conversion catch in the Vikings game from the pic above, I also remember a catch and stumble from the playoff game, but other that that... I got nothing.

The Bears are committed to giving him once more shot this offseason, but it’s up to him to prove worthy of a roster spot.

“Here’s a guy I absolutely loved when he was in college,” tight end coach Clancy Barone said recently via 670 The Score. “I thought a fantastic prospect. I remember talking with (former Bears coach) John Fox about him and Foxy said, ‘He looks exactly how tight ends should look.’ And he’s right. I mean, the guy is physical. Everything about him, his height, his length, everything about the guy is what you want. For whatever reason did he have a hiccup here or there, injuries, whatever else?”

Shaheen has NFL size and athleticism to be an in-line Y tight end, but he’s yet to even scratch the potential that put him on NFL team’s radar.

“He’s a guy who has a very bright future still,” Barone continued. “I would not say any more than just Adam is a guy I think has a very very bright future, and I’ve got plans for him to do things in our offense.”

In this latest round table topic we posed the following question to our staff about Adam Shaheen’s chances on being a Bear in 2020.

Is he in, is he out, or it depends, and if you think it depends, then what dies it depend on?

“He’s out. With the investment the Bears have made at tight end, including the addition of Jimmy Graham in free agency and Cole Kmet in the draft, I don’t see justification to keep Shaheen on the roster.” ~ Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter

“Out. He’s had every chance to show something and hasn’t. I can’t imagine that would suddenly change.” ~ Sam Householder

“Out. Way out. Out like yesterday’s trash. Out like a pregnant belly button. See ya!” ~ Jack Salo

“It depends. If he REALLY shines in camp he definitely in, but if his work ethic is as it has been in the past, he’s probably out. Those 2019 “healthy scratches” ring true.“ ~ Ken Mitchell

“I think it depends on if the practice squad rules are relaxed this season. If so, then I can see him hanging around in a reserve role, but if not then he’ll be trying to make another team’s roster this fall.” ~ Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.