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The Bear’s Den, July 20, 2020

Things are (at the moment) inline for the NFL training camps to start this week (sort of). Stay tuned.

Chicago IL 9/23/01 Vikings at Chicago Bears-----Minnesota Viking Cris Carter is call for offensive pass interference as he tugs on Bears Jerry Azumah (23)jersey ) and pushes him out of bound during Sunday NFL action at Solider Field. Mike Brown of Chica
Minnesota Viking Cris Carter is called for offensive pass interference as he tugs on Bears Jerry Azumah’s 23 jersey and pushes him out of bounds at Solider Field. Mike Brown of Chicago has deep coverage.


As training camp opens this week, we will focus on bombastic tunes... and no tune is more bombastic than this one (Note: I say bombastic, I don’t necessarily say GOOD).



How well-equipped are Bears to handle training camp during COVID-19 pandemic? - NBC Sports Chicago - Are the Bears ready for this? Is anybody?

2020 Bears training camp preview: How will Robert Quinn help Khalil Mack? - NBC Sports Chicago - Khalil Mack had only 8 1/2 sacks in 2019. He’ll almost certainly have more in 2020 thanks to the presence of Robert Quinn.

Bears Training Camp Set to Start on Time, For Now - On Tap Sports Net - As of now, rookies report on July 21st, quarterbacks and injured players on the 23rd, and everyone else reports to camp on the 28th.

Why Roquan Smith Can’t Give the Bears a Spotty Season - - Last month Roquan Smith talked about a chip on his shoulder for this season while coaches gushed about what a great player he has been and how he’s very focused on the coming season.

Report: Foles and Trubisky Slated to Be in Camp Thursday - - The great Chicago Bears quarterback battle of 2020 begins on Thursday.

Another Bears Conversion May Pay Off at Linebacker - - There are plenty of examples of conversion projections paying off in Chicago Bears history, two of the greatest classics being Mark Bortz and James “Big Cat” Williams.

As Bears approach training camp, what exactly have they built? - Chicago Sun-Times - The Bears reworked nearly every aspect of their roster during the offseason. They’ll find out if reality matches what they imagined when training camp begins July 28. Here’s a look at six crucial areas of the team.

Chicago Bears could begin reporting to camp Tuesday - Chicago Tribune - The Chicago Bears are set to report to training camp as scheduled on July 28 with coaches and rookies potentially having the green light to convene at Halas Hall this Tuesday.

2020 Bears training camp preview: Will Cole Kmet and Jimmy Graham be enough? - NBC Sports Chicago - The Bears spent a lot on improving the position this offseason. Did it work?

2020 Bears training camp preview: How Matt Nagy finds an offensive identity - NBC Sports Chicago - There’s an aspect of Matt Nagy’s offense that hasn’t been tapped into over the last two years, and if that changes this summer will help the Bears find their 2020 offensive identity.

What Robert Mathis’ Success Tells Bears About Robert Quinn - - Robert Quinn will be a linebacker for the second time in his career and the Bears anticipate he’ll be able to do it after defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano had success with a similar switch in the past with the Colts.

NFL stars raise concerns on Twitter over training camp COVID-19 plan - NBC Sports Chicago - Some teams are having rookies report to training camp as early as Monday.

Khalil Mack joins NFL players voicing concerns over safe return - Bears Wire - Many NFL players took to social media on Sunday to voice their concerns regarding safety protocols, including Chicago’s Khalil Mack.

Bears TC Countdown Day 10 — Will Eddy Pineiro face a challenge? - Bear Report - Will Eddy Pineiro be challenged by Ramiz Ahmed in another Chicago Bears kicker challenge this training camp?

How the NFL squandered its coronavirus head start - Chicago Sun-Times - Bears outside linebacker Khalil Mack and the NFL’s biggest stars began a social-media blitz around noon Sunday, lobbying for owners for agree to coronavirus protocols with the start of training camp approaching like a blitzing pass rusher.

Bears’ Khalil Mack to NFL: ‘Address health and safety concerns’ - Chicago Sun-Times - The Bears outside linebacker joined a chorus of NFL stars Sunday in lobbying for owners to agree to safety protocols by the start of training camp.


NFL COVID-19 Tracker: News and updates on the coronavirus’ impact around NFL - NBC Sports Chicago - Keeping up with all the news, notes, and updates about coronavirus and the NFL.

Lorenzo Alexander: Testing every single day is only way to play safely - ProFootballTalk - Lorenzo Alexander is retired from the Bills (for now), but he remains a member of the NFL Players Association executive board, and he says players — plus coaches and other staffers — need to be tested for COVID-19 every single day if the season is going to be played safely.

NFL's proposal dramatically cuts player pay if season is canceled - ProFootballTalk - The Collective Bargaining Agreement does not include a force majeure clause. The league is essentially trying to force the players to accept one after the fact.

NFL's opt-out offer carries a renegotiation loophole - ProFootballTalk - PFT has obtained the full contents of the NFL’s most recent proposal to the NFL Players Association, which means that the weekend will feature a series of blurbs regarding various aspects of the league’s position.

Opt-out proposal creates a real temptation for undrafted rookies - ProFootballTalk - In any year, undrafted rookies have a hard time making it from the 90-man roster to the 53-man roster. This year, that task becomes even more challenging, given the absence of an offseason program.

Jordan Howard joined Dolphins to be part of ‘turnaround’ - - Helping Miami become a winner is what drew running back Jordan Howard to signing with the team: “I felt like we’re turning things around down here, I just wanted to be a part of that. I was part of a turnaround in Chicago, so I embrace those type of thing

NFLPA’s big question: Can NFL keep players safe amid coronavirus pandemic? - Chicago Sun-Times - The NFL and NFLPA disagree on numerous issues with a little over a week until the scheduled start of training camp. There are major unresolved financial disagreements, but the players’ union is...

NFL players tweet COVID-19 safety concerns - Chicago Tribune - NFL players are publicly pleading with the league to address several health and safety concerns on the eve of training camp.

Potential loss of guaranteed money becomes major issue for star players - ProFootballTalk - Various star players have spoken up on Sunday regarding the current failure of the NFL to provide players with a safe workplace that will be conducive to playing the 2020 season.

Will power play by players change the NFL’s approach on COVID-19? - ProFootballTalk - Actions usually speak louder than words. Except when the words become so loud and uniform that the words can’t be ignored.

Players blast NFL’s COVID-19 response in coordinated social media campaign - ProFootballTalk - Several NFL players took to Twitter around noon Eastern on Sunday to blast the NFL for what the players say is the lack of a coherent plan to keep them healthy while having a safe and successful season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Chipmunks, fattened up on acorns, are driving people nuts - - There were plenty of acorns this spring, and now the chipmunks are driving people nuts.


Do you want to do more officially sanctioned WCG Madden stuff? Or just enjoy the game?WCG now has an official Madden Discord server! Feel free to offer suggestions, updates, or anything to help the internet’s best Bears community have the best Madden community as well! Invite link is here.


Wiltfong: NFL Announces Training Camp Schedule, Bears to report in full on July 28 - Windy City Gridiron - It’s finally official! The NFL is back!

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Who will be the biggest “surprise” cut of Bears training camp? - Windy City Gridiron - We’re running through a few 2020 Chicago Bears Training Camp preview round table questions with some of our staffers.


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