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WCG Announces the Official Community Madden Discord!

The best Bears community on the Internet is adding a new dimension and wants YOU to be a part of it!

New York Giants v Chicago Bears Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Four touchdowns and about seven years ago, our resident WCG administration allowed a certain weekend writer to use his personal Twitch channel to broadcast Madden games before each actual Bears game. This quickly grew into a site staple, and several inside jokes and many, many air horns later, the WCG Sunday Livestream has been the de facto Chicago Bears pre-game show of Windy City Gridiron ever since.

Yet, we never fully embraced our Madden community over that long stretch. Sure we showed the odd game here and there in offseason times, and used the channel for varying other WCG shows and podcasts and quick-hits, but never much more than that.

We’re here today to announce... that has changed.

Owing many thanks to the Writers’ Tournament we held with Pride of Detroit several weeks back, and excited by the possibilities to include our boistrous football-loving community, we made the call to set up a WCG Madden Community Discord Server.

What do you get out of joining the server?

A community of Madden players of all types to find games with in all the varying formats as well as a community of Bears fans to keep the conversation going! Also bragging rights. Lots and lots of bragging rights.

And we’re starting off by announcing two events. First, I’d like to announce the WCG Season Mode.

Everything is fluid at this point, of course, but our vision is one game a week against a scheduled opponent. Report the results of the game at any point in the week, with a playoffs at the end. Length of season will be determined by the number of entrants.

We’ll also do a season kickoff tournament. Tournaments will be a shorter timeframe, but same thing. These will generally be more “pick-up-and-go,” but probably a lot more intense. If we have enough players, we’ll do two seeding games before eliminations begin.

Season Mode will start by the end of August. The first Tournament will start with the first twelve players to reserve interest. Look for the signup channel that matches what you’re looking for.

Joining the WCG Madden Community Discord Server is easy. Your invite link is right here.

Our goal has always been to continue being the best damn Bears community on the Internet, and to that end, we’re happy to expand what we can bring to our Bears community. We’re glad you’re here.