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Trubisky, healthy and with new mechanics, is out to “prove everybody wrong”

Earlier today Mitchell Trubisky met the media and he discussed a number of topics.

NFL: Chicago Bears-Training Camp Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday afternoon the Chicago Bears made both of their quarterbacks available for a conference call with the media.

Mitchell Trubisky held court first and questions ranged from how the new assistant coaches will help him out, how the team is navigating through the pandemic, his offseason workouts, the quarterback competition with Nick Foles, and so much more.

He acknowledged the criticism that has been flowing from the media and fans since the 2019 season ended, but he’s using it to drive his preparation for the 2020 season.

“For me it’s very motivating,” Trubisky said. “You’re always going to have people writing you off. It’s got to light a fire under you, which it has for me, and I’m just trying to prove everybody wrong and prove my teammates right.”

Trubisky has definitely put in a lot of hard work these last several months in rehabbing from his shoulder surgery, which he admits affected his play a year ago, but also in working with noted quarterback coach Jeff Christensen, who runs the Throw It Deep football academy. Trubisky said that he adjusted his mechanics for the first time in his career.

“I really haven’t ever adjusted my mechanics, but working with him (Christensen), I feel like my footwork and mechanics have gotten a lot better,” Trubisky said. “I think it all worked out for the best and it was kinda meant to be that I stayed here local and just got some great work in that way.”

Christensen has worked with Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Jimmy Garoppolo in the past, and one of his coaching points is to emphasize keeping the quarterback’s eyes and feet aligned. Throwing off platform can’t be helped in some instances, but if the QB has proper footwork more often than not his accuracy should see an improvement.

“Hopefully it shows up on tape this year just me having better balance in the pocket. I did a couple of things with footwork and just how I’m holding the ball and where my release is coming from and stuff like that,” Trubisky continued. “So it’s really the first time I ever adjusted my mechanics and I just really loved working with Jeff and how he approaches coaching the quarterback position and how he’s studied the great players that have played this position and how he translates that to coaching. It’s been really fun. I feel like my motion is better. I feel like I’m more in balance and the ball is coming out more accurately. So I’m confident with where I’m at right now and how all that work has helped me this offseason. So I’m excited about it.”

You can watch Trubisky’s full presser in this Tweet below.