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Nick Foles confident in what he can do in this Bears offense

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears made both of their top quarterbacks available to the media today in conference call from Halas Hall.

Just like they’re giving him the initial crack at the QB1 job during training camp, the Bears let Mitchell Trubisky speak first — and for more on Trubisky’s presser click here — but Nick Foles had equal time in front of the media, and he expressed a confidence in his ability to thrive in Matt Nagy’s offensive scheme.

“I feel right back at home,” Foles said about the familiarity he has working in this Bears’ offense. Foles has a history with Nagy and he’s played in a similar system in four of his eight years as a pro.

“It’s been a year since I was in that sort of offense, but it’s nice to have that verbiage and have this feel and understand why we’re doing it, this is how we do it, this is the history, Foles said. “Because the history of the Philly offense came from K.C., we evolved it in Philly but coach Nagy brought the K.C. offense here and it’s become the Bears offense.”

Foles talked about the competition with Trubisky and that the key to it is to not focus on winning it. “You have to do the little things each and every day,” Foles explained of his mindset, “whether it’s your workout, whether it’s your pre-practice routine, whether it’s when Nagy calls a play in practice, just executing that play.”

Foles said he can’t try to one-up Trubisky if he makes a big throw in practice, because he has to stay focused and read the play out as it comes to him.

“I’m just going out there, and if I’m working the second team, first team, third team, let’s just play ball, man. I love this offense, I love the verbiage, I’ve been in this offense, I know what I can do in this offense. But all that stuff gives me is wisdom — wisdom to go out there and help my teammates, to help Mitch, to help Tyler (Bray). I’m not keeping secrets from Mitch. I want to help Mitch, so if there’s a play that I ran a lot and I know a lot, I’m gonna give him that information just like I know he will with me because we’re working to help each other.

“When he makes a great throw I’m going to be right there to slap him a five and then they’ll probably have to sanitize our hands, but I’m gonna do it.”

Nagy has said this will be a true competition and from the sounds of things both quarterbacks are ready for the challenge, but also ready to do what’s best for the team.

To see the full press conference from Foles check out the tweet below.