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Other fans don’t care about the Bears...

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Packers v Bears X

Seeing all thirty-two teams in this SB Nation word cloud makes me sad.

I mean seriously, I had to really search before finding the little “Bears” right above the “r” in Patriots.

I remember a time when other fans hated the Chicago Bears, but that was a long, long, long time ago.

We’re in the middle of a special two-week theme-week at SB Nation with the theme being Rivalries, and besides the fans from that one team from Wisconsin, no one’s fans care about the Bears.

I suppose not being consistently relevant as a franchise since the Mike Ditka years leads to this kind of apathy from other fan bases. Ditka coached the Bears to 106 wins and a .631 winning percentage during his 11 years on the sidelines, with 7 playoff appearances and that lone Super Bowl title in 1985.

Since Ditka was fired after the 1992 season, the Bears have had 6 other head coaches that have a grand total of 6 postseason appearances in 27 years, with only 9 of those years ending up with a winning record.

Lately even some Packers’ fans have started to view the Minnesota Vikings as their main rival.

Chicago’s ineptitude at the quarterback position, the most important position in all of team sports, has the Bears looked at as a national joke. Sure we’ve had a few stellar defenses to cheer for during the last couple of decades, but the “Defense wins Championships days” are a thing of the past.

The Bears haven’t strung together three consecutive winning seasons since they went five straight from 1984 to 1988.

With no sustained success since Ronald Reagan was the President, it’s no wonder other fan bases could give a crap about the Chicago Bears.