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Soldier Field ranked as the 7th best stadium in the NFL

This according to The Athletic’s NFL writers, but I wanted to see what the fans thought as well, so I asked Twitter...

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Soldier Field stadium home of the Chicago Bears football team Chicago Illinois USA Photo by: Andrew Woodley/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Before I give my take on The Athletics's Expert NFL stadium rankings, let me say that I’ve only been to three NFL stadiums, so I understand that I’m not nearly qualified enough to weigh in on this particular Chicago Bears subject.

But I’m going to anyway...

There’s no way that Soldier Field is the 7th best stadium in the NFL.

To be fair, The Athletic only polled their NFL writers, so the ranking is from their perspective, and not necessarily from the “fan experience” perspective, but the list wasn’t created solely based on media access and facilities. Jon Greenberg, founding editor-in-chief and columnist for The Athletic Chicago, Tweeted me that the Soldier Field “press facilities are among the worst in the league.”

Here’s the opening paragraph from Jon Machota;

What makes a great NFL stadium? Is it the gameday atmosphere? The architecture? The sight lines? The concession stands? Ticket prices? History? Several of those things can also factor into what makes a bad venue.

Most lists like this are all subjective, but I am curious what criteria the voters actually used when ranking Chicago’s home field.

The Athletic asked their writers to give their top 5 and bottom 5 stadiums, and Soldier Field landed on seven of the top ballots and three of the bottom ballots for an overall rank of seventh place.

Here’s how their top 7 looked.

1. U.S. Bank Stadium (Vikings)

2. CenturyLink Field (Seahawks)

3. AT&T Stadium (Cowboys)

4. Lambeau Field (Packers)

5. Arrowhead Stadium (Chiefs)

6. Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Falcons)

7. Soldier Field (Bears)

Soldier Field may have history on it’s side, but it has the smallest seating capacity in the league, which alone should drop it out of the top ten. Then there’s the atrocious All-22 footage that we get when the Bears are the home team, which is universally ranked as the worst of all 32 teams.

As a Bears’ fan, watching the Bears in their home is much more energetic than seeing them as the visiting team, but homer enthusiasm should only account for so much in rankings like this. Plus truth be told, I’d rather watch a game from the comfort of my own living room anyway, so...

Since I’m no expert when it comes to Soldier Field I threw the following question out on Twitter.

Is Soldier Field the 7th best stadium in the NFL?

And here are some of the responses...

What do you guys think?