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WCG Coral Suggestion Thread

Coral? Coral!? CORAL!!!

We may not have a scrum board, but we do have a voice.

As everyone I’m sure is well aware, Coral, SBNation’s new comment system, is live across much of SBNation including here at Windy City Gridiron. It’s certainly a different experience, and I know many of you (myself included) have strong feelings about it. In some cases, VERY strong feelings. It’s understandable. Old features are gone, new features present, there’s a completely new look, and change in general is normally met with at least some resistance.

However, the Coral Team have been consistent in stating that they are continuing to work on the system, and are actively seeking and implementing suggestions from the community. We all realize that it’s less than ideal to have to deal with a system that in many ways is incomplete, but we can also view this as something of an opportunity. Our comment system is based on modern architecture, and is ACTIVELY being developed by a team looking for input. Meaning, we can help shape how we interact with this community.

That’s what this discussion is for. We are looking for YOUR suggestions on how to best flesh out Coral for our community. Everyone can make feature suggestions, design/layout suggestions, or whatever you like. That said, this is NOT a complaint thread. We’ve already basically had those prior to the launch. We are looking for constructive criticism, meaning that if you post something you don’t like about Coral (without the flames, please), follow it up with suggestions on how to improve it. Also jump in on other people’s suggestions, talk them through, and let’s see if we can brainstorm the best way forward for the WCG community and Coral.

Once we have settled on the most popular, feasible and fleshed out ideas, we’ll append them to this article and forward them onto the Coral Dev Team, with a link to this discussion so that they know this comes from the entire community, rather than any one individual.

If you’d like, you can see the Coral Dev Team’s comments on the feedback they’ve received so far here:

And if you’d like to submit any suggestions to the Coral Dev Team yourself, feel free to do so here:

Again, keep this CIVIL and CONSTRUCTIVE. Also keep in mind that the WCG Staff, while hosting this discussion, aren’t involved in the development of Coral any more than you are. We’re not making the decisions, and like you, we can only make suggestions. Now let’s Bear Down, and get to it!

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