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How will the Bears pick a starting QB?

The NFL Network’s Stacy Dales reported on the three things the Bears are looking for this offseason from Trubisky and Foles...

NFL: Chicago Bears-Training Camp Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

From the day the Chicago Bears traded for Nick Foles, the team has maintained their stance that Foles and Mitchell Trubisky will have an open competition for the starting quarterback job this year.

Losing the chance to evaluate the two QBs in preseason games was a blow, but how they fare against vanilla defenses in preseason was never going to be the true indication on which player was going to lead this team into the 2020 season.

Chicago’s practice plan is to have each quarterback — Trubisky and Foles — alternate who begins as the starter each day, but each QB will get equal reps during each 90-minute practice.

In an NFL Network report from earlier today from Halas Hall, Stacy Dales said she believes the Bears will take the quarterback derby down to the wire before making a decision.

She reports that the Bears are looking for three specific things before determining who wins the job.

  1. Tempo and decision making during each session
  2. When the coaches watch the film from each practice they are checking if the QBs are making the correct progressions based on the coverage
  3. Completion percentage

In regards to number three, the coaches are already on record as saying it’s more than just completing passes, it’s about placing the ball in a spot so the receivers can make a move after the catch.

You can watch the full NFLN camp hit in the Tweet below.