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Bears Over Beers Interviews Director of Jim McMahon Documentary

Director CJ Wallis cracks a cold one with the guys and discusses his passion project involving the Punky QB.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon (Rich Pilling/SN Archive) Photo by Rich Pilling/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

If there is one player in Chicago Bears history that lives the Bears Over Beers lifestyle to the fullest, it’s Jim McMahon. The rookie who showed up to Halas Hall with a cold one in his hand is finally getting his own documentary, highlighting his career and post-career battles.

CJ Wallis and his company, FortyFPS Film Productions, are working on a film called “Mad Mac: The Memory of Jim McMahon.”

Wallis dropped into Bears Over Beers to talk about the film, his inspirations, and even a Stanley Kubrick reference. One intriguing topic covered was if there are currently any QBs in the league that embody what made McMahon so fascinating.

Wallis mentioned Josh Allen’s reckless abandon and “head-first” mentality, EJ brought up Baker Mayfield’s brashness, and Jeff cited Gardner Minshew II’s swagger. Who, if anyone, reminds you of McMahon in the modern game?

Make sure to follow CJ Wallis on Twitter @FortyFPS to see all the updates on the film. Follow your co-hosts as well @gridironborn and @thedraftsmanfb.