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NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

This week’s Windy City Gridiron Chicago Bears round table continues with yet another topic about the defense, but tomorrow will have a special teams question and Sunday’s series finale will be an offensive topic.

Here’s what we asked the WCG crew today...

Who will lead the Bears in sacks in 2020?

I assumed this would lean heavily towards Khalil Mack, but I figured a few of us would go with the new edge rusher, Robert Quinn.

I suppose ultimately this isn’t something you want to over think, but ECD does have some sound reasoning.

I’ll give my take on this one after checking in with my WCG teammates.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter: My money says Robert Quinn. Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks are going to command the most attention from the O-Line. And, as Quinn benefited from having DeMarcus Lawrence lining opposite from him up front in Dallas, the results will repeat themselves in Chicago with Khalil Mack being opposite from Quinn. I think at least Quinn and Mack will eat double digit sacks this year, and Hicks will get darn close if not break 10 sacks this year as well.

Bill Zimmerman: Mack. Next question.

Jack Salo: Gee, I wonder...Fifty Duece!

Ken Mitchell: Khalil Mack. He’s on a mission, and he’s got a LOT of help this year in Robert Quinn and Akiem Hicks.

WhiskeyRanger: I feel like this is a trick question. The OBVIOUS answer is Mack. Yes, he had a down season last year without a serious pass rush threat opposite him, but with Quinn coming in, that should change this year. Then again, Quinn has shown in the past that with an elite pass rusher on the other side getting all the attention, he can put up double digit sacks himself... so maybe HE’S the answer. Then again, maybe both get extra attention and it opens up Akiem Hicks. No, no. I need to stop. I’m going with Mack. Mack is the answer. Or maybe...

Robert Schmitz: Khalil Mack. It has to be, right? Between the two first round picks and the massive contract used to acquire him, Mack is undoubtedly the Chicago Bears’ biggest investment in 2020, and in a year where the Bears desperately need to make the playoffs despite a potential change at quarterback they’ll need him to produce. With Cowboys standout Robert Quinn and the stalwart Akiem Hicks next to him, the stage is set for Mack to take on fewer double-teams than ever before — and if he does, my bet is that he’ll quickly let the league know exactly why he commanded so much attention in the first place. He’s the current face of the Bears’ franchise for a reason, and in 2020 he’ll prove why.

Jacob Infante: I’ll go with Khalil Mack. While I can very realistically see Quinn taking advantage of the multiple one-on-one situations he will probably take on with Mack and Hicks requiring more attention from opposing offenses, Mack is still one of the best pass rushers in the NFL and should be a safe bet to put forth another Pro Bowl-caliber year.

Aaron Leming: It’s amazing how much one year can really change people’s perceptions on players and teams, isn’t it? This time last year, Khalil Mack was a sexy pick for Defensive Player of the year. This year, people are debating whether or not he’s a top 5 edge rusher. Did he have a down year in the production department? Absolutely, but when you consider that Akiem Hicks missed the majority of the season and Leonard Floyd wasn’t a pass rushing threat, it’s not hard to see why Mack simply didn’t produce.

With Robert Quinn on the other side of him and Hicks back in the mix on the interior, Mack will be back will vengeance. A few weeks ago, I was asked to give my “bold prediction” for the defensive side of the ball and I went with Mack having 15 or more sacks. I’m sticking with that because I think he’s going to remind a lot of people this year why you don’t sleep on one of the best players the NFL has to offer.

Robert Zeglinski: A down year by his standards last season, Mack will be a man on a mission. I expect usual Defensive Player of the Year transcendence with the sheer numbers and production to back it up. The addition of Quinn only amplifies Chicago’s Mack Truck.

Sam Householder: Khalil Mack. It has to be. He’s one of the best players in the league overall and one of probably the five best defensive players. He’s the highest-paid player on the Bears and for all of those reasons he had better be the sack leader. Plus, like others have pointed out; the presence of Quinn and return of Hicks will help take some of the focus off Mack by opponents.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: Quinn picked up 11.5 sacks a year ago rushing the passer opposite DeMarcus Lawrence, who is a good edge rusher in his own right, but he’s no Khalil Mack. I think Mack is pissed off about his own performance a year ago, and he’s pissed off by his team’s .500 record, and I’ll never bet against an angry Mack. He’s not only going to lead the Bears in sacks, he’s going to push for Richard Dent’s team record of 17.5.


Who will lead the Bears in sacks in 2020?

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    Robert Quinn
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