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Bears Over Beers: Fantasy Football Preview

Jeff is joined by Erik Smith of the QB List to talk about the new fantasy guide out this week

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The fantasy football draft season snuck up us but QB List is here to help. The fantasy football site just issued a comprehensive draft guide and Erik Smith, QB List’s Editor-in-Chief, spoke with Jeff about the guide and some of his personal views of the upcoming fantasy season.

Jeff and Erik cover some fantasy 101, some new and interesting fantasy league set ups you might be interested in trying, and of course, some of his favorite players he’s targeting in drafts. Erik, true to form for the Editor-in-Chief, made a pick during our interview! Drafting season is real and it’s amazing.

Erik highlights his favorite Bears player to take in drafts and gives the industry perspective on the bargains Bears players might provide in fantasy draft tables given concerns over the QB position. All that and more over some tasty beers!

Erik Smith can be found on twitter @ErikSmithQBL. Jeff and EJ are on twitter @gridironborn and @thedraftsmanfb.